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Public Notice

By Kate X Messer, March 10, 2000, Columns

Gung Ho!

"Ours is just a craving, and a twist of the wrist will undo the stopper with abrupt tenderness, die little sparrow and awake singing." 1

It may not be possible to be in two places at once, but we've gotta tell ya: We are beside ourselves, too beside ourselves for clever words (which is why we decided to quote hers instead). Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith Patti Smith is coming, and what's more, her Fri, Mar 17 SXSW Free Show and All of the Other Free Shows at Waterloo Park will feature Beer Sales, the proceeds of which will be donated to the SIMS Foundation. Next week, for the big SXSW music issue, "Public Notice" will go into a bit more detail about what SIMS actually is, and what other exciting events and benefits will be had in their name throughout the fest. For the time being, let it suffice to say that SIMS assists the arts community of Austin by offering affordable mental health care. Stay tuned... 472-5266.

Seeds of Revolution

"In the garden of consciousness, in fertile mind there lies the dormant seed, when blooming as charity, conscience breathes a sigh of relief, the confessions of sleep, the awakening seed, moved by love to serve..." 2

Whether you choose to partake in the upcoming week or so's insanity, the week or so's insanity will partake on you at least a bit, as our town goes nuts with the influx of suits and cellphones. It might not be a bad idea to plan some down time just to check your brain baggage. Here are two "down to earth" functions to help keep the next week or so in perspective:

  • Austin Community Gardens (ACG) is holding a Benefit Plant Sale featuring organically raised flowers and unusual vegetables (hybrids and heirlooms and herbs, oh my...) this Sat, Mar 11, 9am-4pm, at Sunshine Gardens, 4814 Sunshine. In addition to the sale, there will be vendors and artisans from the area, plus live entertainment and free joe from Ruta Maya. ACG's has been providing community gardening space to, for, and in Austin for lo on a quarter century now. 458-2009.

  • Make plans not to get too stinky on Friday night next week so you can get up early and check out the Wheatsville Herb Fair, Sat, Mar 18, 10am-6pm at Wheatsville, 3101 Guadalupe. Okay, 10am isn't early to everyone, especially not farmer herb fair types, but we figure even farmer herb fair types'll be out partying the night before. Guest speakers (one's named Forrest and one's named Cedar, hnyuk!) will offer tips, etc. The Grazmatics and Bluegrass Drive-By will play. 478-2667.

    Timeless Rhythm

    "Hail sister, come on over, to shape reshape things to come, bow your head, raise your lantern, come come, beat on your drum..." 3

    The Political Asylum Project of Austin (PAPA) invites you to shake it at their Salsa Night, Thu, Mar 23, 5:30-8pm at Miguel's la Bodega, 415 Colorado. Karison will provide the music, PAPA will provide the food and drink. 476-1285.

    Recruiting Hearts

    "Hey scout there's no equation, you can't prepare for the heart's invasion, you can't prepare for the heart's invasion, love is its own persuasion..." 4

    Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby of Texas (LGRL) presents a girl twirl or Spring Dance for Women as they call it, this Sat, Mar 11, 8pm-1am, at Gaby & Mo's, 1809 Manor. Who knows, you might meet your one fine, true love leaning on a parking meter or somewhere else within the scarlet walls of our hallowed coffee cavern ... or maybe not. No matter. Dancing with yourself is a fine cause, too. 474-5475.

  • And speaking of LGRL, did you know that queen lobbyist Diane Hardy Garcia has been spending most of her time up in Washington, D.C. as executive director of the upcoming Millennium March on Washington (MMOW) Sun, Apr 30? If there are plans for an Austin caravan, we'll get the word out. or 202/467-8100.

  • Still speaking of LGRL, their Web site (see below) has the text of three resolutions which will factor into the next Texas Legislative session. According to the Austin Lesbian/Gay Political Caucus, members of the community will present the resolutions to their precinct conventions the night of the Primary Elections, Tue, Mar 14, or 474-0750. end story

    Lyrics from Patti Smith's Gung Ho © 2000 Arista Records

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