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By Mr. Smarty Pants, February 26, 1999, Columns

Cadillac was the first car with an electric starter.

According to one theory, the singing of "ahh ... " in the original Star Trek theme was actually not a soprano singing, but a type of instrument called a theremin. Another theory is that it really was a person, Lilly Jean Newman, a singer at Desilu Studios.

Cynthia Rodriguez, last year's winner at Laredo's Jalapeño Festival, downed 91 jalapeños in 15 minutes.

According to one story, Japanese brewer Asaka has created "Suiso" beer, which is bubbled with hydrogen instead of the usual carbon dioxide. This supposedly makes it easier to sing soprano, which may come in handy at karaoke sing-along bars and discotheques.

The Austin Music Network set a record for most live bands on a live TV show: 102 live bands in 25 hours.

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