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Positive/Negative Male Couples Have a Place to Talk About It

May 1, 1998, Columns

A new AIDS Services of Austin support group is getting underway, called The Negative/Positive Connection. It is for male couples of mixed status, i.e., one partner is HIV-positive and one is HIV-negative. The Negative/Positive Connection will meet once a week for six sessions from 5:30 to 7pm.

A voluntary research component will be included, conducted by Dr. Beth Pomeroy from UT's School of Social Work. A control group of five or six couples will also be needed. These couples will only do the paperwork required for the research project but will not attend the group. They may participate in the group at a later date.

Please call Lois VanLaningham at 708-3500 for information or 469-6260 to leave a message. Only five or six couples will be included in the experimental group. A beginning date will be announced when enough couples have signed up.

Lois VanLaningham, LMSW/ACP Group facilitator

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