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Anyone Who Had a Heart

By Kate X Messer, April 24, 1998, Columns

Recent high-profile media stories have put breast cancer back in the news. Lady Linda McCartney, famed photographer, animal activist, member of the rock band Wings, and wife of Mr. Beatle hisself, Sir Paul McCartney, succumbed to breast cancer last week. This tragic news comes quick on the heels of the announcement at UK's Brit Awards that Sixties British pop phenom and smoky vocalist Dusty Springfield is battling breast cancer as well. Locally, right here in Austin, Texas, over 500 women are struggling with the disease.

Fortunately, Central Texas is home to some pretty impressive cancer support and research services. Our Breast Cancer Resource Center will be hosting an Educational Program, tonight, Thu, Apr 23, 7-8:30pm in the Ninth Floor Auditorium at Brackenridge Hospital, 601 E. 15th St. Three local specialists will speak on Integrative Medicine Therapies. Later this year, BCRC will host a fundraiser featuring feisty journalist-type and breast cancer survivor Linda Ellerbee. The center offers info, education, and support for women and families facing breast cancer. Their extensive library houses medical journals, textbooks, and lay reading materials. Their website offers a search engine on a number of topics. or 472-1710.

Austin is also home to the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. 800/ACS-2345.

And Houston is home to UT's Cancer Information Service. 713/792-3363.

Put Me In, Coach

Read all about the UT staff wage and perk disparities between coaches and just plain-old-everybodies in service to the burnt orange in this week's cover story, "Class Struggle," on page 18. But if you want to get right down to the real nitty-gritty or even just go out and show your support, check out this weekend's UT Staff Association March for Fair Wages, Sat, Apr 25, 9:30am at the South Mall under the UT Tower.

Go, Granny, Go!

Over 300 residents from local nursing homes will compete in the 16th annual Capital Area Nursing Home Games, Sat, Apr 25, 10am-2pm at St. Edward's University Recreational Complex, 3001 S. Congress. The in-many-cases octogenarian athletes are looking for volunteers, supporters, and all-around cheerleading-types to get them through the day's exertive discus (Frisbee™) and shot put (whiffle ball) events. There will be races, dominoes, a spelling bee, and balloon volleyball to boot. It's free, you young whippersnappers. 335-5028.

Relatedly, the Area Agency on Aging seeks Volunteers to help resolve complaints on behalf of nursing home residents (though this is probably not the place to settle disputes as to whether Grandpa or Aunt Mildred's whiffle ball whiffled farther...). They help seniors with questions about Social Security and Medicare, among other topics. Training is happening now. Give 'em a call or drop an electronic line or two or three. or 916-6062.


Don't forget, the Screening of Jane: An Abortion Service, next Thu, Apr 30, 7:30pm at the Dobie will benefit the Texas Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (TARAL) Education Fund, the league's educational arm which works to educate the public on reproductive rights issues. or 462-1661.

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