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Mister Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, November 21, 1997, Columns

Alexander Graham Bell hoped to cure cancer.

Cablevision of Yorktown, N.Y. provides Odyssey (a religious network) and The Playboy Channel on the same shared cable channel.

Portugal will return control of Macao to China on 12/20/99.

The recipe for corzido, once a popular dish on San Miguel in the Azores, involved wrapping beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables in a cloth, burying the mixture in a hole in the ground near Lake Fumas, and letting it be steamed for 9-10 hours.

By her own admission, actress/singer Whitney Houston loves to vacuum.

The above is information which Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Got any facts?
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