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Hale-Bopp, She-Bop, We Bop

By Kate X Messer, March 21, 1997, Columns

The comet of the century, they're calling it. This time it seems not to be fizzling out. So, shake your caudal and get out to see the derned thing. Sun, Mar 23, 8-11pm is the 92.4% Lunar Eclipse, Mars, Saturn and Comet Hale-Bopp. Witness it along with the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. 327-7622.

The brilliance of Comet Hale-Bopp will be brightest Sat, Mar 29. From dusk until 10pm, the AAS will be set up for viewings at Pace Bend Park. 473-9437 or 252-2966.

We're Here, We're Queer, We're Pissed Off, & Not Going to Take It Anymore!

What's all this business about a "gay march" this weekend? It is a march in support of Stronger Hate Crimes Laws, an issue which affects each and every one of us. If you believe that crime motivated by hate is a Bad Thing, and if you wonder why all those macho "Tough on Crime" campaigners disappear when crime victims turn out to be people from groups to which rights are routinely and systematically denied, then, goddammit, show up and say It's Time for Justice, Sun, Mar 23, noon at Palmer Auditorium and march to the State Capitol Building in support of the hundreds of victims of hate crimes here in Texas. 474-5475.

Nothing Personal

Here's a quick plug (don't even think of making that the butt of any of your nasty little jokes...) for our own Austin Chronicle Gay Singles Party, (tonight) Thu, Mar 20, 7-10pm at Borders Books & Music. Sure, Kirk Watson will be there campaigning, but the real treat will be speaker Dianne Hardy-Garcia, the hard-working brains and brawn behind the Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby (which will benefit from the event). The appropriately named Mr. Fabulous and the appropriately well-piped Julie Burrell will entertain. 454-5766, ext. 111 or 103.

Wild & Free

Hill Country Wild invites you to come out (tonight) Thu, Mar 20, 8pm, to Ruta Maya Coffee House for a free night with the Coffee Sergeants. The wild organization aims to help keep the Hill Country that way. 499-2260 or 494-8360.

Meet You at the Brewery...

It's time again for the annual Rosedale Ride, Sat, Mar 22, which begins and ends at Celis Brewery. There are five different course lengths from which to choose and plenty of the typical benefit fun (prizes, food, live music) after the ride. All proceeds benefit AISD's Rosedale School for kids with multiple disabilities. 835-9594.

It Takes Huevos

This weekend sees the debut of a new annual fundraiser. Race for the Roses, Sun, Mar 23 at Zilker Park will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation for testicular cancer. Entrants for the bike race (your choice of 10, 25, or 100-mile courses) must pre-register at the Hyatt Regency, Sat, Mar 22, 10am-8pm.

For non-pedal-pumping sorts, check out the Rock for the Roses, Sun, Mar 23, 4-10pm at the Austin Music Hall. The impressive line-up features the Wallflowers, Walter Salas-Humara & the Silos, the John Doe Thang, and Kacy Crowley. 800/496-4402.

Not That Kind of Camp!

No. No irony or kitsch here. (How refreshingly unusual for an Austin event!) Nope! Just some good old-fashioned family fun at the the Camp Fire Boys & Girls' Family Fun Fest, Sat, Mar 22, 11am-4pm, at the west end of Zilker Park. It's a free day filled with storytellers, karate and square dance demos, carnival games, cascarones, face painting, dunking booth... you know the drill. 462-2777.

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Pork

"El Pig," replete with his circa '76 Live in Hawaii, white, rhinestoned pantsuit, is this year's posterboy for SPAMARAMA, Sat, Apr 5, noon-dark, at Auditorium Shores to benefit the United Cerebral Palsy Association. For $5 (less than the price of two cans of Spam™) per potted-meat lover (kids under 12 free), the Spamreg.Alympics feature a Spam™ toss, the Spam™ call, the Spam™ relay, and a burger-eating (that's Spam™-burger...) contest. Point us to the Tums™-Off. 416-9307.

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