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By Kate X Messer, August 23, 1996, Columns

Shine on Me. I Love It. Shine a Light...

The lyrics rattle in your brain like loose rhinestones from granny's glasses. Remember 'em? Like the back of your Smiley Face Mug, eh, Fonzie? This bit of brilliant verse is from the hit penned in homage of the baddddest foxy-female Seventies superstar mama of the racquet racket. Tennis star Billie Jean King is the object of Elton John's love in the smash "Philadelphia Freedom," according to one local Reginald Kenneth Dwight aficionado. And don't ya know that those two very same megastars are teaming up with fellow net nuts: Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova, Chandra Rubin, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Natasha Zvereva, and more... How can there be more?? Who more do you need to entice you out to Houston for this World Team Tennis All-Star Smash Hits Party, Live Auction & Tennis Exhibition, Thu, Sep 12 at the Renaissance Houston Hotel and the Summit? The events benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Austin's own HIV Wellness Center. Word has it that a) if enough folks are interested, the Center will arrange for a bus ride, and b) the great bespectacled one, himself, will join the mighty B.J.K. in some mixed doubles fun with the others. 467-0088.

A Fix of Love Friendship, fellowship, caring, and brother/sisterly love go a long way to heal the infirmed, but sometimes it takes the chilly I.V. of cold, hard cash to do the trick. Such is the case with our David Powell Clinic, the only clinic in Central Texas to provide medical services to folks with HIV+ or AIDS diagnoses who don't have access to private-pay medical providers and are left to navigate the tricky maze of Medicare, Medicaid, or other medical assistance programs.While the staff of DPC assists patients in obtaining funding for medication through a variety of sources, the clinic is appealing for Cash Donations to subsidize the Purchase of Medication necessary in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Donations will be used entirely for these meds. Cold, hard cash from some warm, gentle hearts is sometimes all it takes. 479-6121. Itchy & Scratchy Show Rove over, Rover, to the Humane Society`s Celebrity Dog Wash, Sat, Aug 24, 10am-4pm. Bring Satan's Little Helper, or whatever poochie's name is, to get his/her fleabag pelt massaged and kneaded by local celebs, including: Toni Price, Jimmy LaFave, the Bad Livers, and members of our snazzy TV & radio community. Bring a current rabies vaccination certificate (in case poochie gets pissy) to the Humane Society digs on Hwy183. 837-7985, ext. 226. Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-al!!! The inspirational spin from the Centennial Olympic Games could go either way: After one look at Michelle Smith and her fellow gold-standard women's soccer crew, one might feel compelled to commit to life on the turf or give up all sport in shame and indignation forever. Somehow, kids usually transcend this latter option, and opt for the former, especially when they witness a bona fide hero do something really cool. The University of Texas hosts a free Longhorn Soccer Clinic, Sat, Aug 24, 8-9:30am at the new fields at 26th & Red River. All kids must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring your own ball and water bottle. 495-GOUT (which we hope is pronounced, "Go, UT" and not, well, any other way...) See ad below. Fear of Flying If we weren't such big wussies, we'd be all a'flutter about this fab Annual Raffle thingy touted by the Center for Battered Women. The grand prize this year is a set of round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world that American Airlines flies. And it's not that we don't have anywhere we want to go. No way. In fact we can see ourselves recovering from the droogies in a small 'burg on the African coast. No, friends, we'd be there, chilling in the winter winds if it weren't for the giant structure that we'd be required to board, that somehow looses itself from this earth's grasp and streaks across the night sky to climes distant and inviting. But, please! Don't let our crippling fear stop you. No! No! Go purchase the $5 tickets en masse! CBW will be selling at: Whole Foods-North, Sat-Sun, Aug 24-25; at Book People, N. Lamar, Sat, Aug 31; at Whole Foods-Central, Sun, Sep 1; and at The Arboretum, Sat-Sun, Sep 7-8. Or run to CBW's thrift store, Sacks II, located at 4631 Airport (yikes!!!!) in the Concorde (gasp!!!!) Center.385-5181.

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