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August 23, 1996, Columns

One of the things I hear most often from prospective and new volunteers with ASA is "I want to make a difference." Making a difference is what our volunteer programs are all about.

There are many volunteer opportunities at AIDS Services of Austin for every age, skill, ability level, and certainly one that you can enjoy doing. Anything and everything can be utilized in providing services to and for our clients.

Some of our possibilities include: data entry, making phone calls to potential donors, labeling, working in the food pantry, sacking groceries, stuffing envelopes for mailings, many areas of computer work (including the Net), assisting case managers, being a buddy to a client, helping client with household tasks, giving rides to appointments, helping with organizing events such as our annual walk and other fundraising activities. If that's not enough, you can also help make dental clinic appointments, assembling safer-sex kits, working on our Info-line, helping coordinate workshops, taking care of pets, visiting people in hospitals or nursing facilities, helping someone with grocery or other shopping needs.

The above list is by no means comprehensive. We even have designed programs to meet the unique or specialized abilities of various volunteers. The possibilities are endless and we are always looking into new ideas and possibilities.

All of these things make a tremendous difference! It helps people know that there are people in Austin who care about them and what they might be going through. Some provide the education necessary in reducing the spread of HIV. Others help raise the funds necessary to provide services to clients with health maintenance, insurance premiums, and other needs. Still others help people continue living with the respect and dignity they deserve as fellow human beings in this world. That truly is the bottom line.

So now, if you are interested in volunteering at AIDS Services of Austin, do we have a deal for you: Every month we have a two-hour General Orientation to acquaint you with our agency. The next orientation is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4. Call 451-2273 now to register for the next session so you can learn more about us.

Robert Stewart

Volunteer Coordinator

ASA Info Line: 458-AID

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