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June 30, 1995, Columns

Access & Information
Volunteers Needed

AIDS Services of Austin welcomes new and potential volunteers for the access and information phone lines. One of the best tools we have in the form of prevention is education. Getting the facts out to the public. Letting people know what methods are effective for prevention. The phone lines offer an anonymity between caller and the information expert. Questions about sexual transmission that can be uncomfortable in person are frequently explained over the phone and the caller becomes more aware and better informed about HIV.

The access and information phone line provides information to the general public about the transmission of HIV, anonymous testing sites, local support groups for infected and non-infected individuals, risk reduction techniques, basic information for potential clients, and so much more. The phone lines are staffed by highly trained volunteers that have the information available through training or on-site resources.

Getting the information out to the public is a vital role in education. Part of our effectiveness is due to the extraordinary assistance of our volunteers. If you are one of those folks who enjoy sharing your knowledge with others and assisting ASA in the education process, I encourage you to become a part of the access and information volunteer staff. The expertise of the volunteers is highly valued and well received by the agency.

The education department will have the next training on July 22nd from 9am to 5:30pm. The access and information unit will train the following Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm. If you are interested, please give me, Jan Rueb, a call at 406-6170. Let's spread the facts, so we can help stop the epidemic.

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