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June 23, 1995, Columns

Women who test positive for HIV infection fear loss of control

over their lives, possible loss of their children and housing, and

the ultimate loss of social supports. For this reason, many

women who are tested and who test HIV-antibody positive

keep the information secret. Women who are infected tend to

isolate themselves and often hide their diagnosis even from

members of their own families.

Siecus Report, 1991

Women have traditionally cared for others and put others' needs ahead of their own. When a woman discovers that she is HIV positive, she now is the one who needs to ask for help. If you are a woman living with HIV, one of the first things to do is to talk to someone you trust. This may be a relative, a friend, your doctor, the clergy, or another woman living with HIV. Many women join a support group. In group you can learn how others are dealing with their infection. You discover, with relief, that you are not alone and that you now have new friends who understand your experiences.

Let's Talk Positive, a support group for HIV-positive women will meet each Thursday for eight weeks beginning July 20 5:30-7pm. The group is sponsored by People's Community Clinic. It is free, confidential, inclusive, and recovery sensitive. Please call for information and location.

Lois VanLaningham

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