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Visual Arts for Tue., Jan. 23
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    Visual Arts

    Full Circle: The Art of Mila Sketch

    "I show the whole through the fine details," says the artist. "I use subliminal manner of drawing and do not know where my own hand will lead me." Yeah, but where it winds up often looks real damned good. And, here, her works are surrounded by craft beer ready for the drinking. We mean: C'mon down, citizen, right?
    Sat., Dec. 16, 7-10pm
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    Visual Arts

    Lora Reynolds Gallery: The Last Tree on the Planet

    Jason Middlebrook’s new sculptures are black, powder-coated steel, isolating the bold designs he's painted on slabs of wood for the last ten years and making them into three-dimensional line drawings. Also, here's a big bonus: "Haaston Paradise," the latest ceramic and fiber works from those irrepressible Haas Brothers.
    Through Jan. 23
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