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Visual Arts for Fri., Dec. 15
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    Visual Arts

    Matt Steinke & Octant: Christmas

    Northern-Southern presents this fourth annual Christmas concert featuring Steinke's new robotic instruments and other inventions bringing the yule through their clever servomechanisms.
    Dec. 15-16. Fri., 8pm; Sat., 1pm. Free.  
    Mission Possible, 1190 Chicon
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    Visual Arts

    grayDUCK Gallery: Practical Acts of Perception

    The works presented here by Cande Aguilar, Mauricio Sáenz, and Jorge Purón utilize proportion as a device to augment or degrade a viewer's perspective. "Launching from the design of the IFRAO Standard Scale used to document archaeological remains, each artist departs and interprets the idea of scale in their own terms."
    Reception: Fri., Dec. 15, 7-10pm
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