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    Back to the Armadillo w/ John Fogerty, Shakey Graves, Jack Ingram, & more

    All ATX, whose thematic all-star compilations benefit HAAM, SIMS, AMF, and Black Fret, fundraise this year by revisiting Austin’s outlaw Eighties. “Back to the Armadillo” stars Creedence Clearwater Revival great John Fogerty, who proved jovial by phone from L.A. on Monday. Austin Chronicle: So did CCR play the Armadillo World Headquarters? John Fogerty: Umm [chuckles], I’ll have to plead fuzzy memory. I don’t remember, but it’s possible. AC: Any memories of CCR playing Austin at all? JF: Mmm … no. I’ve come to Austin in the years since then. Austin’s a wonderful music town and a wonderful town. I think I was at the first South by Southwest, because I remember it being pretty quaint, walking up and down Sixth Street. It was 10 or 11 at night and there was nobody around, so we stopped in a few clubs and saw a few bands. It was one of the first dates with the woman who is now my wife. She brought eight pair of shoes [laughs]. AC: What was it like to come to Texas back in the day? Just how primitive was it? JF: Well, I didn’t think of it that way [laughs]. I was really excited because Texas was the capital of Western swing, or some call it Texas swing – you know, Bob Wills and all that. I’d grown up listening to a lot of music that came from Texas. There was also Lightnin’ Hopkins. There was a very rich musical heritage across the board. Even though the Leadbelly song “About a Mile From Texarkana” wasn’t geographically correct, it was a cool verse. Full Q&A at
    Sun., Oct. 29, 4pm
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    Orquesta: Then & Now

    Tejano panel with Sunny Ozuna and more as soundtracked by ATX’s Big Band Tejano.
    Sun., Oct. 29
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    Polkapocalypse w/ Brave Combo, Eric Hokkanen Gang, Belen Escobedo y su Conjunto, Conjunto Los Pinkys

    The onetime home and studio of German sculptress Elisabet Ney guests a bevy of Lone Star polka aces drawing upon Eastern European and Tex-Mex traditions. A joy live, Grammy-winning headliners and Dentonites Brave Combo enliven their foundational genre with far-ranging eclecticism incorporating everything from ska to salsa to heavy metal. Master multi-instrumentalist Erik Hokkanen brings his Polka Playboys in from Wimberley alongside San Antonio’s pre-accordion polka trio Belen y Tocayo and local squeezebox serenaders Conjunto Los Pinkys.
    Sun., Oct. 29, noon
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    ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

    One of Austin’s most incendiary live acts warms up for a British tour with a free, late-afternoon set down South. The avant-punk quartet led by Jason Reece and Conrad Keely recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of 2002 classic Source Tags & Codes with a double-vinyl reissue. They’ll be performing that along with 1999 crusher Madonna in toto over a two-night stand in London, so selections from both seem likely.
    Sun., Oct. 29, 5pm
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