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    Kali Uchis, Phony Ppl

    Virginia-raised Colombian Kali Uchis fuses Latin sounds with retro sensibilities. From 2012 debut Drunken Babble to studio bow Por Vida three years later, her bubblegum siren melodies enchant on “Nuestro Planeta” (featuring Reykon), “Tyrant” (featuring Jorja Smith), and Spanish counterpart “Tirano” (featuring Fuego). Syrupy vox fuse with trip-hop instrumentals frosted with reggaeton. Brooklyn quintet Phony Ppl open with atmospheric R&B hybrid. Thursday’s show is sold out.
    Tue., Oct. 3, 8:30pm 
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    Natalia Lafourcade

    On May’s Musas, Natalia LaFourcade folklores with the help from guitar duo Los Macorinos. The Mexican singer lilts through native love ballads like “Mi Tierra Veracruzana” and even “That’s Amore.” Her sweet, gentle tone rides the string’s melodies in a departure from her previous poppier, sample-soaked oeuvre. Tradition over the contemporary strikes the right chord.
    Tue., Oct. 3, 7pm 
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