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Club Listings for Wed., Sept. 20
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    Steve Winwood

    Birmingham organ/vox legend, 69, offers Greatest Hits Live.
    Wed., Sept. 20, 8pm 
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    Depeche Mode

    UK electro pioneers dropped 14th studio LP Spirit in March.
    Wed., Sept. 20 
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    Tom Russell

    Last year’s Gunpowder Sunsets anthology only heightened anticipation for new originals from Southwest balladeer Tom Russell. Folk Hotel continues to distinguish what makes the 70-year-old Santa Fe resident a master songwriter: fascinating characters, quirky details, and sophisticated narrative structure. Russell’s 28th studio album, featuring contributions from locals Eliza Gilkyson and Augie Meyers, lovingly details his Texas exit via “Leaving El Paso.”
    Wed., Sept. 20, 8pm 
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    Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, The Midgetmen, Xetas

    Rolling Stone described Bains’ 2014 Sub Pop release Dereconstructed as resembling “Flannery O’Connor [giving] up fiction for a Coors and a Gibson SG.” That’s to say these Alabamans brew a politically charged, garage-basic hard rock marinated in Steve Cropper’s Memphis soul guitar science with a literary bent betraying no sentimentality. Brand-new LP Youth Detention for NYC punk imprint Don Giovanni Records is as furiously bitter and hard-driving as ever. Midgetmen and Xetas, two of Austin’s more nonstandard punk acts, open.
    Wed., Sept. 20, 9pm
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    Tenacious D

    Wayne and Garth, Bill and Ted, Beavis & Butthead; Nineties hesher culture produced several comedy duos of note. And yet, only guitarist Kyle Gass and singer Jack Black turned schtick into an actual musical act. Plying acoustic metal bordering on dubiously autobiographical mini rock operas about loser metalhead culture only added substance to the act.
    Wed., Sept. 20, 7pm 
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