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Club Listings for Sun., Aug. 13
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    Homeshake, Hola Beach

    Canadian import Homeshake, brewed by Mac DeMarco’s ex-guitar player Peter Sagar, crafts sensual, lo-fi R&B on new LP Fresh Air. The warmth of his first two albums, In the Shower and Midnight Snack, endures, but his latest is more polished, less fuzzy, with the duality of confidence and timidness. “Trying to take a moment outside my screen,” he murmurs on the title track, encapsulating the millennial struggle between nostalgia and progression.
    Sun., Aug. 13, 8pm
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    Blue Stork, Kyle Evans, Racfid:Ricurm

    Austin Noise presents an international array of bent sounds against the backdrop of Kyle Rosin’s strobe displays. Japan’s Sakura Shock plies guitar-based immolation, while Berlin’s Blue Stork fashions overdriven samples into a mechanical revolt. Local curator Johnathan Cash’s Breakdancing Ronald Reagan reconstitutes aural ephemera into a temporary, autonomous reality. Other performers include i.ruuuuu, Clark Nova, Grim Sleeper, Dromez, RACFID:RICURM, Kyle Evans, Tigre Merde, and Body Tape.
    Sun., Aug. 13, 8pm
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    Santiago Jimenez Jr.

    Like father, like son. Santiago Jiménez Jr. preserves the conjunto music outlined by his father, a pioneer of the genre. Unlike his innovative brother, Flaco Jiménez, Santiago, 73, steers more traditional with an accordion attack swirling above forcefully plucked strings and tight basslines. 2012’s Corazón de Piedra garnered the San Antonio mainstay multiple Grammy nominations and a National Medal of Arts.
    Sun., Aug. 13, 5:30pm 
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