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    Visual Arts

    Carver Museum: State of Ascension

    Mixed-media vessel works by Rejina Thomas, featuring art she created during the past two decades, with themes positioning the womb as a metaphorical looking glass from which viewers experience and understand the world.
    Through Feb. 28
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    Holly Jolly Follies

    Musical comedy skits, magic, and a political satirical revue with the bustling backdrop of Sixth Street on view through the stagefront window! What does the current POTUS learn when Ivana, Melania, and Marla get together for the Trump Wives Club? (Does he learn anything, ever?) Plus, join those rowdy NFL Women in the tail-gaiting, trash-talking party of the year. And, best of all, it's time for the all-too-familiar Esther’s Follies Dysfunctional Family Holiday, which might just make your own clan seem like a sanctuary of emotional health in comparison. Bonus: That sexy magician Ray Anderson thrills the crowd with his Torched and Tango illusions. And you know Jesse Sublett's new Esther's book was just released, right?
    Thu.-Sat., 8pm. $25-35.  
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    It's … Hideoutrageous!

    There's a stage upstairs, there's a stage downstairs, there's coffee all over the place and all sorts of shows here. This Thursday brings you the Threefer and Free Fringe of improv, and you can check out the Big Bash fanciness before those highly anticipated Two Shannons take the stage for the very first time, opening for the globetrotting award-magnets of Parallelogramophonograph on Friday; and, on Saturday, it's the quadruple threat of that newsy Local on the Eights, the drama-fraught world of competitive dance in Dance Dreams, the Dickensian improv of Bah, Humbug!, and the extemporaneous competitive donnybrook of Maestro Raw. See website for more.
    Nov. 9-11. Thu.-Sat., 7:30-10pm
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    It's … subterranean!

    It's the underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and sketch artists, here in the powerhouse founded by Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. Monday nights feature Fuck This Week, wherein your moans, groans, gripes, and complaints are turned into comedy gold. They let Rob Gagnon do his Sandbox thing on Tuesdays at 9pm, Wednesdays get some work done in the Garage, Thursday offers up The Most Awkward Show on Earth and Friday's stage is empty until Can We Kick It? precedes that Megaphone Show on Saturday. And – ah, see website for details.
  • Community

    The Gay Place

    PFLAG Monthly Meeting: South Austin

    Need a place to be? PFLAG's monthly meetings invite everyone from teens to senior citizens to join the discussion, or just listen and snack. As always, they like to keep things confidential.
    Every second Thur. of the month. Free.
  • Food

    Food Listings

    Salty Sow: Homegrown by Heroes Lunch

    The popular neighborhood gastropub has teamed with veteran-owned Ranger Cattle to offer Wagyu burgers and meatloaf sandwiches on their patio on Thursdays and Fridays, with a portion of sales going to benefit the Homegrown by Heroes program.
    Thu.-Fri., 11am-2pm
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    Stone Cold Comedy

    Check out what's happening in this right-next-to-that-funky-video-store hotbed of comedy. This Thursday features the very last show by The Frank Mills! Aaaaaaaah! Carpe diem, citizen! And there's the laughalicious ladies of Loverboy going all Kiss and Tell on Fridays; that Live at ColdTowne stand-up showcase hosted by Carina Magyar on the same night; and don't miss Elvis' Rockin' Nativity on Saturday, wherein a lost, celebrity-studded holiday TV special from the King of Rock 'n' Roll is performed live; and then, Martini Ranch's Queer & Now sketches and Midnight Society! Oh, and Sunday's Stool Pigeon! See website for more.
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    Visual Arts

    Twyla Contemporary Art

    “It changes the room and really makes the house.” The new in-house gallery of these fine-art promoters boasts a diverse roster of artists and includes work by Austin-based Terra Goolsby and Rebecca Rothfus Harrell. See website for stylish details.
    209 W. Ninth
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    Thu., Feb. 8