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  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Austin Design Week

    Design? You know: Interior, exterior. The place, perhaps even abstractly, where the utilitarian and/or promotional is infused with beauty, with whatever it takes to please or thrill the eye and mind. Functional art, in other words: More often redolent of technical skill than what's created when some schmuck with too much free time spews their feelings onto a canvas or whatever. Design, you savvy? The sort of visual and physical arrangements that Philippe Starck and Paula Scher and Zaha Hadid and Norman Bel Geddes and Jennymarie Jemison and Karim Rashid, say, have brought the world? Yes, and here's an entire week full of opportunities to explore the best of design in the ATX. [Note: The explorations include Pentagram, so you know it's legit.] See website for details.
    Through Nov. 10
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Austin Jewish Film Festival

    The 15th annual festival offers a selection of international films, many of which will screen with the directors in attendance. For a complete schedule and film descriptions, see
    Tue., Nov. 7  
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Black Sunday (1960)

    Terror Tuesday: Scream queen Barbara Steele is a witch who returns from the grave to inhabit the body of her beautiful descendant.
    Tue., Nov. 7, 10:30  
  • Community


    Christmas at the Caswell House

    It's never too early to transform this historic Victorian home in an X-mas extravaganza filled with ornaments, décor, jewelry, clothing, gourmet food items, and other giftable items. Go online for a complete schedule of daily events.
    Nov. 3-11. $15-35, depending on the event.
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Davis Gallery: The Afterlife of Artifacts

    We could probably just mention that this exhibition (featuring a quintet of assemblage artists) contains work by Steve Brudniak and watch the smarter crowds gather for some deep gawking … but we wouldn't want to diss the talented likes of Barbara Irwin, John Sager, Larry Seaman, and Steve Wiman – whose complex three-dimensional creations are also well worthy of your time.
    Through Nov. 25
  • Community

    Civics 101

    Election Day

    Fill out your ballots anywhere you see a "Vote Here" sign. Travis County and AISD bonds on the ballot.
    Tue., Nov. 7  
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Stephen L. Clark Gallery: Libros

    This new Lance Letscher exhibition celebrates the opening of Austin's new Central Library.
    Through Nov. 11
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    The Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmaker's Showcase

    Texas Filmmakers: Six made-in-Texas and by-Texans short are the stars of this tour.
    Tue., Nov. 7, 7:00  
  • Music

    The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Dig

    Scottish pop brutalists the Jesus & Mary Chain co-headlined Levitation fest in 2015, re-creating its then 30-year-old feedback summit and debut Psychocandy amid billowing dry-ice fog and back-lighting for the Black Angels generation. They return in service of their first new LP in 19 years, March’s Damage and Joy. Fans of narcotized, distorted, biker psych ennui should find plenty of eargasm triggers in instant classics “Amputation” and “All Things Pass.”
    Tue., Nov. 7, 7pm  
  • The Main Event



    Texas’ most famous sausage festival celebrates the area’s German heritage with food, craft beers, music, and family fun over 10 days.
    Fri.-Sun., Nov. 3-12
    New Braunfels
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