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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

PG-13   152 min.  

A stellar entry into the beloved franchise

New Reviews

Darkest Hour

PG-13   125 min.  

Gary Oldman disappears into the role of the beloved English statesman


PG   106 min.  

A beloved children's book gets a mediocre screen adaptation

Just Getting Started

PG-13   91 min.  

Grumpy old men on the golf course

First-Run Movies

American Made

R   115 min.  

Tom Cruise is a pilot who becomes embroiled in the Iran/Contra scandal

A Bad Moms Christmas

R   94 min.  

The raunchy moms are back with some Christmas spirit(s)


NR   93 min.  

A tribute to the life of iconic ranchera singer


PG   109 min.  

A moving and colorful addition to the Pixar filmography

Daddy's Home 2

PG-13   110 min.  

The daddy's daddy crash Christmas in this unneeded sequel

The Disaster Artist

R   103 min.  

The making of one of the most inept films ever made

The Florida Project

R   115 min.  

Life in the happiest place on Earth

The Foreigner

R   114 min.  

Jackie Chan takes a page from Liam Neeson


PG-13   109 min.  

It's not just a storm, it's a ...


R   135 min.  

This Stephen King adaptation floats with the best of them


R   91 min.  

The Saw character returns

Justice League

PG-13   121 min.  

Another ho-hum entry to the DC Extended Universe

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

R   141 min.  

The bloody spy series returns

Lady Bird

R   93 min.  

An enchanting coming-of-age tale from Greta Gerwig

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

PG   101 min.  

The LEGO law of diminishing returns


PG-13   118 min.  

Supreme Court judge biopic has bite

Murder on the Orient Express

PG-13   114 min.  

You may want to cancel your ticket to this latest Christie adaptation

My Little Pony: The Movie

PG   99 min.  

A rainbow-hued acid trip for 8-year-olds

Only the Brave

PG-13   133 min.  

Visceral dramatization of the heroic work of the Granite Mountain Hotshots

The Shape of Water

R   123 min.  

An unconventional love story from one of the best fabulists

The Star

PG   86 min.

A retelling of the first Christmas through the eyes of talking animals

Thor: Ragnarok

PG-13   130 min.  

The Marvel Universe's funniest movie to date

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

R   115 min.  

Frances McDormand gives a searing performance as vengeance personified

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

PG-13   90 min.  

Another installment of Madea's spooky stories

Victoria & Abdul

PG-13   112 min.  

An unlikely friendship develops in this period piece


PG   113 min.  

Treacly feel-good drama nevertheless has helpful life lessons

Wonder Wheel

PG-13   101 min.  

Woody Allen's ode to Coney Island

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