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R   121 min.  

Jennifer Lawrence on the brink of madness

New Reviews

American Assassin

R   111 min.

The bestselling series hits the screen

Home Again

PG-13   97 min.  

a lifestyle comedy with a soupçon of pain

Infinity Baby

NR   71 min.  

Babies (young and old) who can't grow up


R   90 min.

A Western surprisingly concerning revenge


NR   83 min.  

Marjorie Prime

NR   98 min.  

The Midwife

NR   117 min.  

Two screen legends deliver in a mildly sappy drama

Rebel in the Rye

PG-13   106 min.  

The early life of J.D. Salinger is explored


NR   84 min.

Do you even Ryde, bro?

First-Run Movies

All Saints

PG   108 min.  

Planting seeds to save a church

Annabelle: Creation

R   109 min.  

The scary doll from The Conjuring is back (again)

Atomic Blonde

R   115 min.  

Spies duke it out in Cold War-era Berlin

Baby Driver

R   113 min.  

A heist goes wrong for a music-loving getaway driver

Beach Rats

R   95 min.  

A moody take on the Jersey Shore

The Big Sick

R   119 min.  

The rom-com is dead! Long live the rom-com!

Birth of the Dragon

PG-13   103 min.  

Bruce Lee: the early years

Cars 3

G   109 min.  

Third times not a charm for this franchise


NR   100 min.  

A gorgeous and resonant tale of two loners

Crown Heights

R   94 min.  

Another reminder of racial inequality in the American prison system

The Dark Tower

PG-13   95 min.  

Roland the Gunslinger hits the big screen

Despicable Me 3

PG   90 min.  

Animated franchise confirms the law of diminishing returns

Do It Like an Hombre

R   109 min.

My best friend is gay


PG-13   106 min.  

A harrowing new World War II classic

The Emoji Movie

PG   86 min.  

What a time to be alive (in a smartphone)

Girls Trip

R   122 min.  

A raunchy and empowering time in New Orleans

The Glass Castle

PG-13   127 min.  

Jeanette Walls' beloved memoir hits the big screen

Good Time

R   100 min.  

A crime caper goes horribly movie

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

R   118 min.  

I will always love you

Ingrid Goes West

R   97 min.  

Hashtag: #thisisyourlife


R   135 min.  

This Stephen King adaptation floats with the best of them


R   81 min.  

Don't mess with Halle Berry

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

PG-13   126 min.  

The Once and Future King gets a reboot


PG   89 min.  

An orphan has ballet-dancing dreams

Logan Lucky

R   119 min.  

A different kind of heist film from the Ocean's 11 director


PG   82 min.  

In an Orthodox Jewish community, a father struggles to retain custody of his son


R   90 min.

The perils of people trapped in an elevator during the titular terrorist attack

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

PG   91 min.  

The animated gang return to save their park from an evil mayor

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

PG-13   129 min.  

The next installment of this franchise that no one asked for

Spider-Man: Homecoming

PG-13   133 min.  

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back (again)

Tulip Fever

R   107 min.  

Intrigue blossoms in 17th century Amsterdam

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

PG-13   137 min.  

Luc Besson's latest is a kaleidoscopic mess

War for the Planet of the Apes

PG-13   140 min.  

The capstone of the Apes reboot sticks the landing

Wind River

R   107 min.  

Crime and punishment on a Wyoming reservation

Wonder Woman

PG-13   141 min.  

The origin story of Diana, princess of the Amazons

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