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Blue Starlite
Blue Starlite

Blue Starlite Drive-In, previously at 51st and Mueller, will celebrate its grand opening at its new South Austin location Friday, April 7. The mini urban drive-in, the first of its kind in Austin, has run three weeks of test nights and will begin its new life with two nights of special screenings, including Back to the Future and a Wes Anderson double bill. Essential to any drive-in is atmosphere, and Blue Starlite’s new home is all retro sophistication and hipster ambience: The site is surrounded by oak trees and houses a massive fire pit and a lounge area. There are lots of shiny new baubles to get excited about during the premiere – T-shirt and poster competitions, a games area, and, best of all, the chance to win season passes. Black’s BBQ is providing the menu, so the boutique experience extends to the culinary, too. Located at 12419 Lowden Lane in Manchaca, the drive should take about 15 minutes from the heart of the city. Should you not fancy the trip back, however, there is a single private RV suite for overnight stays. Named “The Projectionist’s Apartment” – a nod to the time when drive-ins were quintessential to American life and the projectionist would live onsite – the RV overlooks the screen and comes with a master bedroom (replete with a luxurious-looking double bed), bathroom (with shower), and a full kitchen. The leather sofas and red mood lighting give the interior a motel-esque vibe. My guess would be to book ahead. Austin cinemas are just as much about the experience you’re having as they are about the film you’re watching, and Blue Starlite – something between a movie theatre and a luxury camping trip – looks set to be well within this tradition. Judging by the initial schedule, Blue Starlite will show a mix of cult classics and new releases. – Dougie Gerrard

New Reviews

American Assassin

R   111 min.  

The bestselling series hits the screen

Home Again

PG-13   97 min.  

a lifestyle comedy with a soupçon of pain

Infinity Baby

NR   71 min.  

Babies (young and old) who can't grow up


R   90 min.

A Western surprisingly concerning revenge


NR   83 min.  

Marjorie Prime

NR   98 min.  

The Midwife

NR   117 min.  

Two screen legends deliver in a mildly sappy drama


R   121 min.  

Jennifer Lawrence on the brink of madness

Rebel in the Rye

PG-13   106 min.  

The early life of J.D. Salinger is explored


NR   84 min.

Do you even Ryde, bro?

First-Run Movies

All Saints

PG   108 min.  

Planting seeds to save a church

Annabelle: Creation

R   109 min.  

The scary doll from The Conjuring is back (again)

Atomic Blonde

R   115 min.  

Spies duke it out in Cold War-era Berlin

Baby Driver

R   113 min.  

A heist goes wrong for a music-loving getaway driver

Beach Rats

R   95 min.  

A moody take on the Jersey Shore

The Big Sick

R   119 min.  

The rom-com is dead! Long live the rom-com!

Birth of the Dragon

PG-13   103 min.  

Bruce Lee: the early years

Cars 3

G   109 min.  

Third times not a charm for this franchise


NR   100 min.  

A gorgeous and resonant tale of two loners

Crown Heights

R   94 min.  

Another reminder of racial inequality in the American prison system

The Dark Tower

PG-13   95 min.  

Roland the Gunslinger hits the big screen

Despicable Me 3

PG   90 min.  

Animated franchise confirms the law of diminishing returns

Do It Like an Hombre

R   109 min.

My best friend is gay


PG-13   106 min.  

A harrowing new World War II classic

The Emoji Movie

PG   86 min.  

What a time to be alive (in a smartphone)

Girls Trip

R   122 min.  

A raunchy and empowering time in New Orleans

The Glass Castle

PG-13   127 min.  

Jeanette Walls' beloved memoir hits the big screen

Good Time

R   100 min.  

A crime caper goes horribly movie

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

R   118 min.  

I will always love you

Ingrid Goes West

R   97 min.  

Hashtag: #thisisyourlife


R   135 min.  

This Stephen King adaptation floats with the best of them


R   81 min.  

Don't mess with Halle Berry

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

PG-13   126 min.  

The Once and Future King gets a reboot


PG   89 min.  

An orphan has ballet-dancing dreams

Logan Lucky

R   119 min.  

A different kind of heist film from the Ocean's 11 director


PG   82 min.  

In an Orthodox Jewish community, a father struggles to retain custody of his son


R   90 min.

The perils of people trapped in an elevator during the titular terrorist attack

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

PG   91 min.  

The animated gang return to save their park from an evil mayor

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

PG-13   129 min.  

The next installment of this franchise that no one asked for

Spider-Man: Homecoming

PG-13   133 min.  

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back (again)

Tulip Fever

R   107 min.  

Intrigue blossoms in 17th century Amsterdam

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

PG-13   137 min.  

Luc Besson's latest is a kaleidoscopic mess

War for the Planet of the Apes

PG-13   140 min.  

The capstone of the Apes reboot sticks the landing

Wind River

R   107 min.  

Crime and punishment on a Wyoming reservation

Wonder Woman

PG-13   141 min.  

The origin story of Diana, princess of the Amazons

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