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Community Events for Sun., Dec. 3
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    Blue Genie Art Bazaar

    Need something Austin-y (art, jewelry, prints, clothing, etc., whatnot, and then some) for a loved one this year? Thousands of original works from more than 200 artists and artisans will help you with your gifting conundrums.
    Daily Nov. 24-Dec. 24, 10am-10pm
    Blue Genie Art Bazaar, 6100 Airport
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    The Gay Place

    OUTsider Festival Launch Party

    Get psyched for the long-awaited return of OUTsider – this year's theme is OUT of Time and the launch party is taking us back with Seventies style. Expect Hanky Code portraits with Die Kranken, Uncle Jenny's Psych Den, Gretchen's Disco Plague reuniting for the love of queerdos, plus the unveiling of the fest's 2018 program.
    Sun., Dec. 3, 7-10pm. Free.  
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    Tinplate Trackers Train Club

    Come watch the choo-choos in this holiday display and inspire the next generation to keep this historic hobby alive and well. You might even be allowed to sit behind the controls if you're kind enough to the tip jar.
    Wed.-Sun., through Dec. 31 (except holidays), noon-5pm. Donations appreciated.
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