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    Ballet Austin: The Nutcracker

    It's the 55th year for this Austin holiday tradition, with all the colorful characters, pomp, and pageantry among the confection-filled Court of the Sugar Plum Fairy, where sweets of all kinds come to life, featuring Stephen Mills' choreography for hundreds of dancers, lavish sets and costumes, and the Austin Symphony Orchestra whipping that beloved Tchaikovsky score into glorious shape.
    Dec. 8-17: Fri., 7:30pm; Sat., 2 & 7:30pm; Sun., 2pm. Dec. 19-23: Tue.-Thu., 7:30pm; Fri.-Sat., 2 & 7:30pm; Sun., 2pm. $19-90.  
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    It's … subterranean!

    It's the underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and sketch artists, here in the powerhouse founded by Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. Monday nights feature Fuck This Week, wherein your moans, groans, gripes, and complaints are turned into comedy gold. They let Rob Gagnon do his Sandbox thing on Tuesdays at 9pm, Wednesdays get some work done in the Garage, Thursday presents The Gameshow Gameshow, Friday brings the live-action claymation of StapleFace and the return of Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober, and, on Saturday, we reckon the popular Megaphone Show will cure whatever ails your depressed ass – that is, if the earlier spectacle of Crapfunding doesn't cure it first. And on Sunday, the – ah, see website for more shows and details.