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    Davis Gallery: Elements: Rock, Steel, Felt, Wax

    We're getting goosebumps just writing this blurb, that's how gorgeous the work in the Davis Gallery's "Elements" exhibition is. Because the artists whose work is displayed here, each of them have created pieces representing one of the four materials noted in the show's title. And those artists are Giota Vorgia, Randall Reid, Barbara Attwell, and Annie Darling. And, Austinite, if you don't already know what those four names herald in the way of skill, mastery, and sublime visual impact of production … well, we envy you the introduction to this quartet of artmakers.
    Through Oct. 7
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    Manoush Zomorodi: Bored and Brilliant

    In which WNYC's "Note to Self" host gives readers permission to unplug from their devices, get bored, and tap into a greater storehouse of creativity. Right? Come see her IRL tonight!
    Mon., Sept. 11, 7pm
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    Austin Public

    Committed to freedom of speech and expression, Austin Public is a nonexclusive and content-neutral media studio that offers low- and no-cost training, equipment, facilities, and cablecasting services to all Austinites. It is managed by the Austin Film Society under contract from the city of Austin, and operates cable channels 10, 11, and 16, and live streams. New training classes are ongoing; see website for calendar.