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    And here it is, the finale that's been almost a year in its glorious approach, the culmination of Jennifer Sherburn and Natalie George's 11:11 project, exploding like earthbound, people-shaped fireworks across the festival-friendly scape of Carson Creek Ranch, with closing choreography for 40 performers by that Sherburn, with a solo opening by Rosalyn Nasky (abetted by the percussive robots of Matthew Steinke), with all manner of kinetic glory and an invitation for you, citizen, to join in the dancing afterparty. Note: This is going to be a highly memorable event, and if your FOMO is twitching right now, well, it's doing so with damned good reason. See you there!
    Sept. 6-9. Wed.-Sat., 8pm. $5-35.  
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    Latino Comedy Project: Barrio Daze

    The LCP's recent run of Gentrifucked was as timely, relevant, and provocative as the troupe's productions have always been – and pretty damn funny, too. And this Barrio Daze is just as laced with dark humor, but even more concentrated and powerful – partly because it's performed by just one man: LCP head honcho Adrian Villegas, whose array of characters and the level of craft with which he portrays them could leave you breathless. Barrio Daze, a kaleidoscopic glimpse into diverse aspects of Mexican-American identity, is something of a reprise of its own earlier incarnation – but newly revamped to reflect a variety of *fnord* current events. We recommend it highly. And if you hold (or you're thinking of running for) public office anywhere in Tejas, we reckon it should be required viewing.
    Through Sept. 16. Thu.-Sat., 8pm. $13 ($11, in advance).  
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    Title and Deed

    Capital T Theatre's Mark Pickell directs that talented Jason Phelps in this one-man show scripted by Will "Thom Pain" Eno, offering an insight-stuffed look at what it means to be alive in this odd century and what the concept of home can embody. Recommended.
    Through Sept. 16. Thu.-Sat., 8pm. $20-30.  
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    Austin Public

    Committed to freedom of speech and expression, Austin Public is a nonexclusive and content-neutral media studio that offers low- and no-cost training, equipment, facilities, and cablecasting services to all Austinites. It is managed by the Austin Film Society under contract from the city of Austin, and operates cable channels 10, 11, and 16, and live streams. New training classes are ongoing; see website for calendar.