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All Events for Sat., Jan. 20
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    Afternoon Tea

    Sip your weekend away.
    Saturdays & Sundays, 3-5pm.. $25, adults; $15, 12 and under.
    Goodall's Kitchen, 1900 Rio Grande
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    Austin Art Garage: No Risk, No Reward

    Think you can handle the Truth? Then check out this show of bold new works by Austin-based street artist and muralist Mike "Truth" Johnston, galvanizing the walls of this fierce gallery right off South Lamar.
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    Visual Arts

    Bale Creek Allen Gallery: Jack Massing

    BC Allen's excellent venue in Canopy presents a solo show of the "Broadside Series" by this Massing fellow – better known to the world at large as one half of those boundary-breaking, media-manipulating, spectacle-spinning Art Guys.
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    Visual Arts

    Carver Museum: State of Ascension

    Mixed-media vessel works by Rejina Thomas, featuring art she created during the past two decades, with themes positioning the womb as a metaphorical looking glass from which viewers experience and understand the world.
    Through Feb. 28
  • Arts


    Fall Fest at the Follies

    Musical comedy skits, magic, and a political satirical revue with the bustling backdrop of Sixth Street on view through the stagefront window! Esther’s Follies brings the city lots of new sketches, and, boy howdy, do we need them more than ever! Austin’s lawmakers are skewered with those Special Session Blues, and check out the new Trump musical, “The Lyin’ King,” a Disneyesque take on that orange-faced rump roast and his band of Merry Minions. Plus, would you believe … a dance-off between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson? Because science! And of course that sexy magician Ray Anderson will thrill the crowd with his Torched and Claw illusions.
    Thu.-Sat., 8pm. $25-35.  
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    It's … Hideoutrageous!

    There's a stage upstairs, there's a stage downstairs, there's coffee all over the place and all sorts of shows here. This Thursday brings you an empty venue, because they and you and almost everybody else is gobbling turkey and dealing with the *fnord* relatives, right? But then you can check out that award-winning Parallelogramophonograph (with The Ladies Room) and the Big Bash fanciness on Friday; and get ready for Dance Dreams on Saturdays, improv about the drama-fraught world of competitive dance – right after the student-driven Maestro Raw, and right before the extemporaneous donnybrook of that main Maestro event. See website for more.
    Nov. 9-11. Thu.-Sat., 7:30-10pm
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    It's … subterranean!

    It's the underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and sketch artists, here in the powerhouse founded by Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. Monday nights feature Fuck This Week, wherein your moans, groans, gripes, and complaints are turned into comedy gold. They let Rob Gagnon do his Sandbox thing on Tuesdays at 9pm, Wednesdays get some work done in the Garage, Thursday means everybody's at home and getting drunk or remaining intensely sober, and Friday rocks with the The Franchise and Stoned v. Drunk v. Sober, whereas Saturday's stage is Spitballin' – and we reckon the popular Megaphone Show that night will do its public-pleasing thing, too. And on Sunday, the – ah, see website for more shows and details.
  • Music

    Karaoke Underground

    Third Saturday of every month
  • Community


    Lemon Lounge Market

    Flea market featuring live music and drink specials.
    Third Saturday of every month, 9am-3pm
  • Arts


    Melissa Amira's Carousel Caravan

    Jeanette hosts this monthly shimmy, featuring a host of hot belly dancers in one of Austin's coolest bars. Every third Saturday, 8pm.
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    Stone Cold Comedy

    Check out what's happening in this right-next-to-that-funky-video-store hotbed of comedy. This Thursday showcases you, at home with your family, right? Because the joint's closed for Thanksgiving. But then there's the laughalicious ladies of Loverboy going all Kiss and Tell on Fridays; that Live at ColdTowne stand-up showcase hosted by Carina Magyar on the same night; and don't miss Saturday's Barney Miller: Dark Knight, wherein your favorites from the 12th precinct deal with the day-to-day in Batman's Gotham; and then, Martini Ranch's Queer & Now sketches and Midnight Society! Oh, and Sunday's Stool Pigeon! See website for more.