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    Guzu Gallery: They’re Coming To Get You

    It's a holiday horror art show here at Guzu in the Center of Austin Fandom, featuring new renditions of the iconic heroes and villains of the grisly genre. By whom, precisely? By some of the best illustrators around: Chet Phillips, Billy Perkins, Katherine Kuehne, the incredible brotherly duo of Half-Human, Tessa Morrison, and more.
    Through Jan. 1
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    ICOSA: Tiger Strikes Austin

    Here's a nation-spanning collaboration between artist-run spaces in Austin and Los Angeles, featuring a panoply of treasures created by L.A.-based artists from Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Monte Vista Projects. Creation and solidarity, beauty in making and strength in numbers: You'll find them here.
    Through Jan. 6
    702 Shady #190
  • Community


    Pinballz Noon Year's Eve

    The kids aren't gonna make it to midnight, so why not get them amped 12 hours early. That way they're in bed while you're trying to forget 2017 ever happened. The event includes a balloon drop, crafts, and, of course, Pinballz's usual arsenal of games.
    Sun., Dec. 31, 10:30am-noon. $10.
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