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    The Contemporary Austin: John Bock + Wangechi Mutu

    Bock's Dead + Juicy exhibition centers around a newly commissioned film that was shot in and around Austin, blending classic Westerns and dark comedy with spooky thriller and horror aesthetics. Mutu offers a new, site-specific edition of Throw, 2017, a painting created by the artist throwing black paper pulp against the wall, resulting in an abstract composition that dries, hardens, and then degrades over time.
    Through Jan. 14
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    Ballet Austin: The Nutcracker

    It's the 55th year for this Austin holiday tradition, with all the colorful characters, pomp, and pageantry among the confection-filled Court of the Sugar Plum Fairy, where sweets of all kinds come to life, featuring Stephen Mills' choreography for hundreds of dancers, lavish sets and costumes, and the Austin Symphony Orchestra whipping that beloved Tchaikovsky score into glorious shape.
    Dec. 8-17: Fri., 7:30pm; Sat., 2 & 7:30pm; Sun., 2pm. Dec. 19-23: Tue.-Thu., 7:30pm; Fri.-Sat., 2 & 7:30pm; Sun., 2pm. $19-90.  
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    It's … Hideoutrageous!

    There's a stage upstairs, there's a stage downstairs, there's coffee all over the place and all sorts of shows here. This Thursday brings you the Threefer and Free Fringe of improv, and you can check out that award-winning Parallelogramophonograph – now with the bilingual badassery of Migas – and the fancy-ass Big Bash on Friday; and the sweet, campy horrorshow tropes of Death by Musical on Saturdays, right after the student-driven Soundstage 23, and right before the extemporaneous donnybrook of the original magister-marbled Maestro. See website for more.
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    It's … subterranean!

    It's the underground space Downtown, swarming with improvisers and stand-up comics and sketch artists, here in the powerhouse founded by Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. Monday nights feature Fuck This Week, wherein your moans, groans, gripes, and complaints are turned into comedy gold. They let Rob Gagnon do his Sandbox thing on Tuesdays at 9pm, Wednesdays get some work done in the Garage, Thursday presents The Most Awkward Show on Earth – so someone needs to show up to watch it, or it's gonna be real, uh, you know – followed by Bonfire, and Friday brings the return of The Franchise and Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober, whereas Saturday's stage is bright with comedy claymation in the form of StapleFace. And we reckon the popular Megaphone Show that night will do its public-pleasing thing, too. And on Sunday, the – ah, see website for more shows and details.
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    Open Mics

    Austin Poetry Slam Tuesdays, 8pm. Spider House Ballroom, 2906 Fruth, 480-9562. Ruta Maya Poetry Tuesdays, 6-9pm. 1209 S. First. Spoken & Heard Sundays, 7-10pm. Kick Butt Coffee, 5775 Airport #725, 454-5425.