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    Austin Music Video Festival

    This sprawling music video showcase includes world premieres, virtual reality, retrospectives (Spike Jonze, the Flaming Lips, Christeene), and a swim-in theatre. Find out the winners Sat., Sept. 16, 8pm, at the Austin School of Film.
    Tue.-Sat., Sept. 12-16. $15-150.  
    Various locations
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    HAAM Benefit Day Salute to Willie Nelson

    Carson McHone’s 2015 debut full-length, Goodluck Man, established the native singer-songwriter as one of the capital’s rising country stars, but she’s got broader sights set for her follow-up. She began working with producer Mike McCarthy almost two years ago when he still lived here, and recently finished recording at his new Nashville studio.: “I had this negative idea about Nashville as this well-oiled machine that’s not very edgy,” she admits with a laugh. “I was taking a chance by working with a producer, which I’d never done before, but you’re trusting this person to have perspective. I’m excited about it, so I want to take my time and just treat it as a debut to the rest of the world.: “Some of these songs I’d written four or five years ago, and they mean completely different things to me now,” she continues. “It breathed new life into these songs, which pushed in all kinds of different directions.: It doesn’t sound like throwback country, because I didn’t want to make that kind of record. Yet it’s not a departure, really. I think it just sounds a little more mature.”: Although focused on earning national attention, McHone keeps her boots firmly heeled in Austin, returning to play two events for HAAM Benefit Day. The pioneering Austin nonprofit proved its necessity again last year in the aftermath of Chris Porter’s fatal accident that also killed McHone’s bassist, Mitchell Vandenburg, and left her drummer, Adam Nurre, severely injured.: “Everybody I know uses HAAM,” she attests. “Adam came straight back to Austin because he needed that help, and it was there for him. Having it be my hometown, I’m just really proud there’s an organization like that to help musicians out.”
    Tue., Sept. 12, 7pm
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    Civics 101

    HD 47 Candidate Forum

    Our Revolution invites you to meet the House District 47 candidates: Candace Aylor, Vikki Goodwin, Will Simpson, and Sheri Soltes. (Steven Kling running for SD 25 will also be introduced.) Please email questions to:
    Tue., Sept. 12, 6:45-8:45pm  
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    Special Screenings

    Reality Bites (1994)

    Help for Houston Fundraiser: Stiller's first feature film as a director captured the zeitgeist and is imbued with an honest and sarcastic wit.
    Tue., Sept. 12, 8:15
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    Wovenhand, SubRosa, Lord Buffalo, Sleeping Ancient, Screamin' J

    Steeled by a Pentecostal grandfather, David Eugene Edwards carved a unique space for himself in modern music, first with gothic band 16 Horsepower, and now with eclectic rock act Wovenhand. The electric anthems of last year’s Star Treatment ring his passion to the sky. Salt Lake City’s art-doom quartet SubRosa supports, with locals Lord Buffalo, Screamin’ J, and Houston’s Sleeping Ancient preceding.
    Tue., Sept. 12, 8pm
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    Special Screenings

    [Rec] 2 (2009)

    Terror Tuesday: One of the better found-footage horror franchises continues.
    Tue., Sept. 12, 10:00  
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