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    Jennifer Sherburn and Natalie George's yearlong citywide project nears its Carson Creek apotheosis with this penultimate performance that features new works choreographed by 1) that Sherburn and 2) Kelly Hasandras and Olivia O’Hare (whose talented multidisciplinary team may initiate a new definition of "dancer") in a modern co-working space built from a former indoor pool.
    Aug. 9-12. Wed.-Sat., 8pm. $20-35 (pay what you wish, Wednesday).  
    Impact Hub, 5540 N. Lamar.
  • Music

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Christening Blue Öyster Cult as hard rock’s the Band – four golden voices and a keyboardist – actually does the original Long Island quintet disservice in that all five members composed, co-composed, and collaborated with the likes of author Michael Moorcock and Patti Smith. Dating back to the late-Sixties meeting of Albert Bouchard and Donald Roeser in college, the brief label mates to the Doors and Stooges rode art-rock into the mainstream 1972-88. Still led by Roeser and frontman Eric Bloom, BÖC’s deep, rich canon of FM lit can’t be reduced to a Saturday Night Live punch line.: “Well, the cowbell has been a curse and a blessing,” chuckles Roeser, aka Buck Dharma, who wrote Top 20 calling card “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” “We had nothing to do with the [SNL skit], of course. That was all the mind of Will Ferrell and what’s remarkable to me about it is how funny it is.”: The guitarist, 70 this year, starts laughing just thinking about it.: “[We] came close to getting him to come down once in L.A. and play cowbell with us,” he says. “Certainly, as time has rolled on, we’ve all learned to embrace the cowbell – or at least accept it.”: Bouchard once compared his ex-bandmate to Mozart (revisit “Albert,” Feb. 19, 2007), saying, “Mozart was like Donald: The ideas would just burst out of his head fully formed … Donald wrote ‘Reaper’ in one go.”: “That’s funny,” cracks up the song’s Medusa, also author of BÖC charters “Burnin’ for You” and “Shooting Shark.” “I played him ‘The Reaper’ when I was done, but it actually took me about two months to write. What happened is that after we got multitrack tape recorders, the members of the band brought in songs that were a lot more fully formed in terms of arrangement and conception than previously. Then we’d all hammer them out together in a room. It was a lot more of a collaborative effort, and you could say there was a certain organic elegance about that.: “‘The Reaper’ was the first one I wrote after I got my four-track recorder.”: Read Raoul Hernandez's entire interview with Buck Dharma.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 8pm  
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    Armadillo World HQ Anniversary Weekend

    Celebrate what would have been the legendary Armadillo's 47th with the "Armadillo's Greatest Hits" performed by the Armadillo All Stars (Thursday), Two Hoots & a Holler (Friday), and Skyrocket! (Saturday). Eddie Wilson will sign his book Armadillo World Headquarters each day from 4-8pm.
    Thu.-Sat., Aug. 10-12. Thu., free; Fri., $5; Sat., $12.
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    Blondie, Garbage

    Billed as “The Rage and Rapture Tour,” this main act double-header might simply be tagged “Heart of Glass” vs. “Only Happy When It Rains.” Blondie remain punk’s first success story owing to a Shangri-Las-like pop sense and an adventurous bent that made them among the first Caucasians to experiment with hip-hop. The New Yorkers’ new Pollinator LP could be Eat to the Beat II. Garbage updated Blondie for the grunge age, Shirley Manson acting as Debbie Harry’s edgy offspring. 2016’s Strange Little Birds is vintage Garbage.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 7pm
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    Special Screenings

    Cabaret (1972)

    Dark Musicals of Bob Fosse: Minnelli and Grey sparkle, and the Fosse flash is everywhere in evidence in this winner of eight Academy Awards.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 7:30
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    Empire’s new monthly series, Beat Juice, opens with Dublab and Brainfeeder affiliate Daedelus. For nearly 15 years, SoCal originator Alfred Darlington has built a masterful patchwork of beats, so expect playful sampling, stuttering drum machines, and surprisingly melodic grooves. Don’t miss opening sets from the residents: Exploded Drawing honcho Soundfounder and Eliot Lipp, fresh off the release of his Skywave LP.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 8pm  
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    Deap Vally, Ringo Deathstarr

    L.A. garage rock Femejism gals meet homegrown psych detonators.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 10:30pm  
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    Fun Home

    Yes, it's the musical version of the acclaimed graphic novel by the creator of longtime comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. Cartoonist Alison Bechdel is legendary not just for her oft-mentioned "test," but for the insight and depth of her creations. Now see it here: the multiple-Tony-winning, song-filled version of her memoir, as adapted for stage by Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesor, about the private world of a family and seeing your parents through grown-up eyes.
    Aug. 11-13. Fri., 8pm; Sat., 3 & 8pm; Sun., 2 & 7pm. $29 and up.  
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    Special Screenings

    Iron Dragon TV ActionFest

    If the title doesn't tip you off, this is two days of wall-to-wall action shorts, webseries, and special guests, including a panel discussion with Wonder Woman stunt double Caitlin Dechelle. Rooster Teeth will also be doing a special animation panel. For the full lineup and to purchase tickets, see
    Fri., Aug. 11  
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    Jacques Greene

    French-Canadian techno and house DJ Philippe Aubin-Dionne debuted Feel Infinite in March.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 10pm  
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    Jennifer B & the Groove

    Janis Joplin tribute.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 10pm
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    Special Screenings

    Manifesto (2015)

    Fri., Aug. 11, 10:00  
  • Music

    Monte Montgomery Birthday Bash

    Big 5-0 for Austin shredder.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 9pm  
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    Sexton Brothers B’day Bash w/ Mystic Knights of the Sea

    On August 10, 1979, the day before Charlie’s birthday and the day of his younger brother Will’s, the elder Sexton played the Continental Club at the tender age of 10. Since then, the pair – irrevocably tied to Austin music – have celebrated their birthdays jointly at the South Congress speakeasy. This year, they embed in big bro’s Mystic Knights of the Sea, featuring bassist Speedy Sparks, who played with Charlie that first fateful night.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 11:45pm
  • Community

    The Gay Place

    SOS Presents: Butch Queen

    It's queer, it's absurd, and it's (sur)real AF. Mouthfeel joins forces with Sound on Sound Fest to present a new level of drag competition. Peeps from Austin's (not just queer) entertainment scene are going drag for the first time, paired with a seasoned queen for an epic win.
    Fri., Aug. 11, 8pm-12mid. $8-10.  
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    UT Soccer

    The new season kicks off with an exhibition match vs. Incarnate Word:
    Fri., Aug. 11, 7pm. Free.
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