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  • Community

    The Gay Place

    Pride! (Boiz of Austin)

    Celebrate Pride – yours, theirs, the city's – with the boiz! Added bonus: Zane Zena will grace the stage with a special performance. 18 and up welcome!
    Tue., Aug. 8, 9pm. $5-10.  
  • Music

    Growl (tour kickoff), Blushing, The Nymphs, Dude Elsberry

    Growl cooked up hearty, Weezer-style rock bites on this year’s Won’t You, topped by Santiago Dietche’s honey-smooth vocals. Their first release since 2014, the local presence proves cohesively grown on nine tracks of thoughtful shredding. Hitting the road, they’re seen off by jangly/dreamy noisemakers the Nymphs. Campus-friendly Dude Elsberry sways through mathy numbers after shoegazers Blushing kick off the homegrown evening.
    Tue., Aug. 8, 9pm
  • Community


    Heart of Texas Blues Challenge

    This Austin Blues Society competition for the best blues band and acoustic act in Central Texas will send the winner to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.
    Sun., Aug. 6; Tue., Aug. 8. $10.
  • Music

    In The Valley Below, Flagship

    Michigan-born Angela Gail and Tennessee-bred Jeffrey Jacob come together for In the Valley Below, occupying rippled beats, dark and stormy vox, and the moody electro-pop of new EP Elephant, follow-up to acclaimed album The Belt. A soothing, haunting sound remains, but their latest preaches love, persistence, and a more socially conscious agenda. North Carolina duo Flagship open, serving brooding vocals to a steady drum.
    Tue., Aug. 8, 8pm  
  • Arts


    Liv Hadden: The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame

    The local author, long rumored to be one of the two illegitimate daughters of Oedipa Maas and Hagbard Celine, surfaces briefly to present her latest YA triumph, this Baltimore-based gangland romp replete with wild love, mad honor, and streetwise treachery.
    Tue., Aug. 8, 7pm
  • Arts


    Nick Guerra

    This Guerra won the 2015 NBC Stand Up Showcase and made his Comedy Central debut on Gabriel Iglesias’ Stand Up Revolution – so how could you miss him here, live, on a Tuesday night?
    Tue., Aug. 8, 8pm. $7-11.  
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Panique (1946)

    Summer in Paris: Complications and accusations arise when an old maid is found dead in the suburbs of Paris.
    Tue., Aug. 8, 12:00  
  • Community

    The Gay Place

    Views and Brew: Being Trans in Texas

    KUT's Rebecca McInroy speaks with Carmarion Anderson of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, Attorney Claire Bow, Chuck Smith from Equality Texas, and Professor Shane Whalley from the UT School of Social Work on what it means to be trans in the current political climate and how allies can provide effective and helpful support.
    Tue., Aug. 8, 6pm. Free.  
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