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The Winners

February 4, 2011, Books

First Place: "The Main Treatment Options"

Katie F. Perry lives, writes, and teaches in Austin. She thinks it would be cute to say she's hard at work on a screenplay about a struggling writer whose world goes topsy-turvy when her Twitter feed is mistaken for that of a pop princess with (almost) exactly the same name. In truth, however, she is not at work on such a screenplay. Her chapbook "Behold the Herald of Prosperity!" is available at Factory Hollow Press (

Second Place: "Fruit"

Lydia Melby currently lives in Austin, works in animal rescue and used to love to read and write in the Green Muse, before someone burned it down. She has been published a couple of times, and that was fun. She plans to start work on an MFA degree this coming fall, and her husky mix is looking forward to living in a place that snows.

Third Place: "You Were Our Father, a Veteran and So Full of Desperation"

Kyle R M was born in this city twenty-two years ago and is yet to cash checks elsewhere. He graduated cum laude from St. Edward's University with a BA in English Writing. He still works at the drive-thru beer barn up on 33rd Street and recently completed the first draft of his first full-length manuscript, a novel called What It Is About You That Closes and Opens.

Honorable Mention: "The Most Dilapidated House in the World"

B.N. Landry lives in Austin, Texas.

Honorable Mention: "Two Sermons"

Joe Vastano started writing at sixteen, tracing Jim Morrison (who was huge at the time) to Kerouac and Rimbaud. He took them at their words and deranged his senses on the road for twenty years. Now he's sorting through it all.

Other Finalists:

(In alphabetical order by author): "Theft" (Adam Gardner), "The Mural" (William LaPage), "Lashings" (Anne Marie Sampietro), "Back the Way We Came" (Tyler Sones), "Carrizozo" (Mary Terrier)

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