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2003 Texas Book Festival Preview

What's past is present: earlier coverage on attending authors

By Shawn Badgley, November 7, 2003, Books

A glance at the Texas Book Festival's list of attending authors reveals that the Chronicle in the past year-plus has covered quite a few of them. By "cover," we mean that we've interviewed the authors, reviewed their books, or both. In terms of this year's TBF, that total comes to at least 25, and includes local writers, writers who have visited, and just writers. Since it's in no one's best interests to duplicate coverage, we're providing this handy list of URLs, the Web pages for which contain the aforementioned coverage. In deciding whom to check out this weekend (see schedule, p.40, for time, date, and place), check out these profiles and opinions first. Our record on these sorts of things is pristine.

Charles Bowden

H.W. Brands

Louis Sachar

Mimi Swartz

John McManus

Spike Gillespie

Stephen Graham Jones

Rick Klaw

Neal Pollack

Terry Conlan

Terry Thompson-Anderson

Louis Dubose and Molly Ivins

George Crile

Jim Hightower

Bill Minutaglio

Dagoberto Gilb

Gregory Curtis

Oscar Casares

Tom Grimes

Manuel Luis Martinez

Olympia Vernon

Amanda Eyre Ward

Mick Vann and Art Meyer

Robb Walsh

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