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2002 Texas Book Festival Schedule

November 15, 2002, Books

All events listed are free, open to the public, and take place at the state Capitol. Free parking is available in the garage at 12th and Guadalupe and in the Capitol visitors garage on San Jacinto between 12th and 13th.

Key: CExt. = Capitol Extension Room; GER Tent = Giving an Earful Reading Tent at 13th & Colorado; Children's Tent = Children's Chapter Read Me a Story Tent on 11th; * =Highly Recommended Panel or Reading

Saturday, Nov. 16

10:30-11:15am House Chamber
Bookend Award Ceremony
Honoring Bud Shrake & Bill Wittliff, including tributes by Ann Richards & Stephen Harrigan

10:30-11:45am Senate Chamber
Neverending Stories: Writing Series for Children
Paula Danziger, James Howe, Francisco Jiménez, Mary Pope Osborne, Moderator: Trevor Romain

10:30-11:15am CExt. #E2.010
Texas Flags
Robert Maberry Jr. interviewed by Charles Backus

10:30-11am GER Tent
Brian Cruver

10:45-11:15am Children's Tent
Jan Hulling

11am-noon CExt. #E2.012
Jeff Abbott, Jay Brandon, Baine Kerr, R.J. Pineiro, Moderator: Jesse Sublett

11-11:45am CExt. #E2.014
Texas Rangeland
Burton Pritzker & Renée Walker Pritzker

11-11:30am GER Tent
Stephen L. Moore

11:15am-12:30pm CExt. #E2.016
To Be Young, Gifted, & Ironic
Arthur Bradford, Amy Fusselman, Alex Shakar, Moderator: Shawn Badgley

11:15am-noon CExt. #E1.014
The Light Crust Doughboys
John Mark Dempsey interviewed by Bill Crawford

11:15am-noon Children's Tent
Angela Shelf Medearis

11:30am-12:45pm House Chamber
At the Crossroads: Mexican-American Literature *
Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sandra Cisneros, Dagoberto Gilb, Moderator: Juan Rodriguez


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
The Natural World *
John Graves, Thomas McGuane, Moderator: James Magnuson

11:30am-12:15pm CExt. #E2.010
On Her Own Ground: Madam C.J. Walker
A'Lelia Bundles

11:30am-noon GER Tent
James Hoggard

11:30am-12:30pm CExt. #E1.016
For Teens Only: Books for Young Adults
Viola Canales, Carolee Dean, April Lurie, Lori Aurelia Williams, Moderator: Michele Gorman

11:45am-12:30pm CExt. #E1.012
How to Read to Children
Rosemary Wells

Noon-1pm Senate Chamber
Savory Grace: The Art of Food Writing
Jim Harrison, Lucian K. Truscott IV, Moderator: Colman Andrews

Noon-12:45pm CExt. #E2.014
The Arab World *
Elizabeth Fernea

Noon-12:30pm GER Tent
Bill C. Malone

Noon-12:30pm Children's Tent
Mary Lankford

12:15-1:30pm CExt. #E2.012
A Blast From the Past: Yellow Dog Democrats
Patrick Cox, Bernard Rapoport, Dave Richards, Moderator: Don Carleton

12:15-1pm CExt. #E1.014
The Magic Windows of Carmen Lomas Garza
Carlos Brondo

12:30-1:30pm CExt. #E2.010
The Voices of Their Generation: Hip-Hop & Narcocorridos *
Bakari Kitwana, Elijah Wald, Moderator: Joe Nick Patoski

12:30-1pm GER Tent
Joyce King

12:30-1pm Children's Tent
Eric A. Kimmel


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Children's Fiction
Richard Peck interviewed by Julie Todaro

12:45-1:30pm CExt. #E2.016
Poetry *
Ai interviewed by Cyrus Cassells

12:45-1:30pm CExt. #E1.012
The Raising of La Belle
Mark G. Mitchell, Jim Bruseth, Moderator: Suzanne Wofford

12:45-1:30pm CExt. #E1.016
Paula Danziger interviewed by Barbara Immroth

1-1:45pm House Chamber
Fiction *
Walter Mosley interviewed by Neal Pollack

1-2:15pm CExt. #E2.014
My First Time: New Authors *
Greg Garrett, Stephen Graham Jones, Diana López, Kimmie Rhodes, Sharon Wyse, Moderator: Anne Dingus

1-1:30pm GER Tent
Robert Bryce

1-1:30pm Children's Tent
Amada Irma Perez

1:15-2pm Senate Chamber
Richard Rodriguez interviewed by Ilán Stavans

1:15-2pm CExt. #E1.014
Texas Landscapes
Dennis Blagg, Wyman Meinzer, Moderator: Dick Holland

1:30-2pm GER Tent
Frank Thompson

1:30-2pm Children's Tent
Sharon Arms Doucet


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Welcome to the Magic Tree House
Mary Pope Osborne & Will Osborne interviewed by Barbara Immroth

1:45-2:45pm CExt. #E2.010
Charreada: Mexican Rodeo in Texas
Julie Hambric, Al Rendon, Bryan Woolley, Moderator: F.E. Abernethy

1:45-3pm CExt. #E2.012
The Facts Behind Historical Fiction *
Paulette Jiles, Lynda S. Robinson, Steven Saylor, David Marion Wilkinson, Janice Woods Windle, Moderator: Elizabeth Crook

1:45-2:45pm CExt. #E1.012
Olden Days: Making History Come Alive for Children
Jane Hampton Cook, Margaret McManis, Paul Robert Walker, Debra L. Winegarten, Moderator: Patricia McMahon

1:45-3pm CExt. #E1.016
Fantasmas: Super Natural Stories *
Stephanie Reyes, David Rice, René Saldaña Jr., Moderator: Robert Johnson

2-2:45pm House Chamber
Robert Caro interviewed by Roy Mersky

2-2:30pm GER Tent
Hilary Lewis

2-2:45pm Children's Tent
Pat Mora

2:15-3:15pm Senate Chamber
Heart Songs & Gritos: The Work of Dagoberto Gilb & Annie Proulx *
Moderator: Tom Grimes

2:15-3:30pm CExt. #E2.016
Texas Writers: The Next Generation *
Victor McGlothin, Farnoosh Moshri, Marsha Moyer, Camika Spencer, Moderator: Cyndi Hughes

2:15-3pm CExt. #E1.014
Photo du Jour: A Chronicle of 2000
David Hume Kennerly interviewed by Marc Winkelmann

2:30-3:15pm CExt. #E2.014
Sneaking Out With Prudence Mackintosh *
Interviewed by Mary Gordon Spence

2:30-3pm GER Tent
Wendy Barker


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Lit. Luminaries: Great Fiction *
Leif Enger, James McBride, Antonya Nelson, Ann Patchett, Moderator: Jerome Kramer

2:45-3:15pm Children's Tent
Michael Sampson

3-4pm House Chamber
Michael Beschloss, Michael Lind, Tim O'Brien, Moderator: William Broyles

3-4pm CExt. #E2.010
American Roots Music *
Bill C. Malone, Robert Santelli, Nick Spitzer, Moderator: Dick Holland

3-3:30pm GER Tent
Alex Shakar

3-3:45pm CExt. #E1.012
They Do It All!
Keith Graves, Trevor Romain, Moderator: Teya Rosenberg

3:15-4:15pm CExt. #E2.012
Texas Rangers: Justice in the Lone Star State
Robert Utley, Stephen L. Moore, Moderator: John Miller Morris

3:15-4pm CExt. #E1.014
Artist of the Borderlands
Santa Barraza interviewed by Carlos Brondo

3:15-4pm CExt. #E1.016
Looking Back: Writing Memoirs
Francisco Jiménez interviewed by Judy Leavell

3:15-3:45pm Children's Tent
Paul Robert Walker

3:30-4:15pm Senate Chamber
Sandra Cisneros interviewed by Rich Yanez

3:30-4:15pm CExt. #E2.014
The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace & the Course of History
Philip Bobbitt interviewed by Alex Albright

3:30-4pm GER Tent
Betty Adcock

3:45-4:15pm Children's Tent
James Howe

Sunday, Nov. 17

11-11:45am House Chamber
History *
Michael Beschloss

11-11:45am Senate Chamber
Memoir *
Jim Harrison

11am-12:15pm CExt. #E2.010
Magnificent Obsessions *
H.W. Brands, Bobby Bridger, James Haley, John Taliaferro, Moderator: Stephen Harrigan

11am-12:15pm CExt. #E2.014
Cases Closed: Texas Sleuths on the Job
Jeff Abbott, Bill Crider, Ben Rehder, Barbara Burnett Smith, Moderator: Jan Grape

11am-12:15pm CExt. #E2.026
Fictional Fish Bowls: Writing About Small-Town Texas *
Richard Haddaway, Marsha Moyer, Donley Watt, Sharon Wyse, Moderator: Edward Swift

11-11:30am GER Tent


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Ilán Stavans

11:15am-noon CExt. #E2.012
Rediscovering a Lost Texas Poet
Maceo C. Dailey Jr., Ruthe Winegarten, Moderator: Debra Winegarten

11:15am-12:15pm CExt. #E2.016
Border Radio
Bill Crawford & Gene Fowler

11:15am-noon CExt. #E1.014
Backyard Brawl: UT vs. A&M
W.K. Stratton

11:30am-noon GER Tent
Diana López

11:30am-12:30pm CExt. #E1.012
Storytime: The Art of Writing Picture Books
Sharon Arms Doucet, Jan Huling, Amada Irma Pérez, Michael Sampson, Moderator: Jeanette Larson

11:30am-12:15pm CExt. #E1.016
David Rice interviewed by Rob Johnson

11:30am-noon Children's Tent
Jane Hampton Cook

Noon-12:45pm House Chamber
Fannie Flagg interviewed by Liz Carpenter

Noon-12:45pm Senate Chamber
Rick Bragg

Noon-12:30pm GER Tent
Deborah Parédez

Noon-12:30pm Children's Tent
Carmen Lomas Garza


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Poetry & Fiction *
Jimmy Santiago Baca

12:15-1pm CExt. #E2.012
Leif Enger

12:15-1pm CExt. #E1.014
Michael Moorcock

12:30-1:45pm CExt. #E2.010
Remembering the Alamo -- Again
Richard Flores, Bill Groneman, Jack Jackson, Frank Thompson, Moderator: Michael Lind

12:30-1:30pm CExt. #E2.014
When Race Becomes Real *
David H. Bradley, Robert Jensen, Jim Schutze, Moderator: Bernestine Singley

12:30-1:45pm CExt. #E2.016
The Short of It: Story Collections *
Neal Barrett Jr., John Blair, James Hoggard, Antonya Nelson, Moderator: Debra Monroe

12:30-1:30pm CExt. #E2.026
The Comanche and the Cherokee
Jo Ella Powell Exley, David Marion Wilkinson, Moderator: Paula Mitchell Marks

12:30-1pm GER Tent

12:30-1:15pm CExt. #E1.016
Carolee Dean interviewed by Kay Wallingford

12:30-1:15pm Children's Tent
Sharon Robinson

12:45-1:45pm CExt. #E1.012
Bridging Cultures in Children's Books
Mary McMillan Fisher, Eric A. Kimmel, Mary Lankford, Bryce Milligan, Moderator: Judy Leavell

1-1:45pm House Chamber
Ethan Hawke, Moderator: Evan Smith

1-2:15pm Senate Chamber
Legends of Western Writing
Don Coldsmith, Max Evans, Elmer Kelton, Moderator: Mike Blakely

1-1:30pm GER Tent


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Ann Patchett

1:15-2:30pm CExt. #E2.012
Sheer Poetry: Readings *
Betty Adcock, Wendy Barker, Deborah Parédez, Moderator: Jack Brannon

1:15-2pm CExt. #E1.014
Poetry *
Taylor Mali interviewed by Mike Henry


Children's Chapter Read Me a Story
Kelli Kyle Dominguez

1:30-2pm GER Tent
Kimmie Rhodes

1:45-3pm CExt. #E2.014
Crime Files *
Joyce King, Jan Reid, Suzy Spencer, Moderator: Carlton Stowers

1:45-2:45pm CExt. #E2.026
From Missions to Skyscrapers *
Robert James Coote, Kevin Keim, Hilary Lewis, Jacinto Quirarte, Moderator: Paul Stekler

1:45-2:30pm CExt. #E1.016
Viola Canales interviewed by Rich Yanez

1:45-2:15pm Children's Tent
Debra Winegarten

2-3:15pm House Chamber
NPR's Bases Loaded Tour *
Neal Conan, Frank Deford, Scott Simon, Moderator: Sharon Robinson

2-3:15pm CExt. #E2.010
Enron: A Texas-Size Scandal
Robert Bryce, Brian Cruver, Loren Fox, Ross M. Miller, Moderator: Richard S. Dunham

2-3pm CExt. #E2.016
Spoofing Around: Satire in Fiction *
Neal Pollack, Edward Swift, Moderator: Sarah Bird

2-2:30pm GER Tent
Sharon Wyse

2-2:45pm CExt. #E1.012
Picture This! Children's Book Illustrators *
Keith Graves, Lucia Angela Pérez, Barbara Mathews Whitehead, Moderator: Marilynn Olson


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
History *
Thomas Mallon interviewed by Jim Kunetka

2:15-3pm CExt. #E1.014
The Story Behind the Book: Pedro Páramo *
Josephine Sacabo interviewed by Steve Clark

2:15-2:45pm Children's Tent
Margaret McManis

2:30-3:15pm Senate Chamber
Texas Monthly Book Club: Tim O'Brien
Host: Mike Shea

2:30-3pm GER Tent
Marsha Moyer

2:45-3:45pm CExt. #E2.012
What's Cooking in Texas?
Bill Cauble, Cliff Teinert, Terry Thompson-Anderson, Diana Barrios Treviño, Robb Walsh, Moderator: Cathy Cochran-Lewis

2:45-3:30pm CExt. #E1.016
Rene Saldaña Jr. interviewed by Rich Yanez

2:45-3:15pm Children's Tent
Trevor Romain

3-3:30pm GER Tent
Richard Haddway

3-4pm CExt. #E1.012
Getting Started: How I Wrote My First Children's Book
Kelly Kyle Dominguez, Frances Hill, April Lurie, Moderator: Cynthia Leitich


Auditorium CExt. #E1.004
Kinky Friedman interviewed by Turk Pipkin

3:15-4:15pm CExt. #E2.016
Texas Wise Women
Liz Carpenter, Wilhelmina Delco, Carmen Lomas Garza, Sarah Weddington, Moderator: P.J. Pierce

3:15-4:15pm CExt. #E1.014
Nuestra Palabra Showcase
Tony Diaz et al.

3:15-3:45pm Children's Tent
Tish Hinojosa

3:30-4:15pm Senate Chamber
Texas Trilogy
Steve Fromholz, Craig Hills, & Bruce Jordan

3:30-4:15 CExt. #E2.010
Ain't It Cool: Harry Knowles on Film

4-4:30pm House Chamber
The Last Word
Panelists TBA, Moderator: Jim Kunetka

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