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The Tenth Annual "Austin Chronicle' Short Story Contest Results

October 19, 2001, Books


First Place

Diane Fleming has published a book of poetry, Trip to Normal. She is currently a technical writer at Vignette. She is grateful to her writing teachers from SWT and Austin Community College, to her writing group friends, and to her once and future therapists.

Second Place

A new and still reluctant Texan, Eileen E. Flynn is a newspaper reporter who has covered politics at the Statehouse in Boston and the presidential primary in New Hampshire. She is an alumna of Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut, and holds a bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She grew up in the small western Massachusetts city of North Adams, a once-thriving mill town whose economic and psychological depression served as inspiration for her fiction. Her writing influences include James Joyce, William Trevor, and John O'Hara.

Third Place

Margaret Lathrop Burns has a Masters in English from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a martial artist with a chip on her shoulder who would like to thank the following people: her brother Rich, Dr. Mary Jane Ryals, Dr. Joe Kruppa, Dr. Eric Mallin, Jim Magnuson, Jacquie, Granny Marie in the Big City, Mom, Dad, Carrah, and most of all, her husband, Sam, and the dogs, Luna and Theo, who always respond magnificently to her writing. Margaret hopes to see snow this Christmas.

Fourth Place

Joan Burditt has written articles for magazines, professional journals, and literature textbooks. She learned everything she knows about writing and literature from Kathleen Daniel and Judy Fowler at Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Therefore, any errors in this story are all their fault.

Fifth Place

Steve White is a third-generation Tex-Czech who spent five years in Prague after graduating from UT. During that time he managed clubs, restaurants, and a theological seminary. He is active in hiking, biking, and camping in the Hill Country, enjoys films by Kusturica, and his favorite book is Bridge on the Drina by Ibo Andric. This summer, between fishing and competing in local triathlons, Steve completed a script adaptation of Judy Alter's critically acclaimed children's book After Paul Was Shot and is currently working on a script titled My Homeland (Ma Vlast) for Czech audiences.

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