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1998 Texas Book Festival Schedule

November 13, 1998, Books

All events are free and take place on capitol grounds.


10:30am Opening Session:
A World Transformed
President George Bush, Brent Scowcroft
A Tribute to A.C. Greene & Americo Paredes
Emcee: Tom Staley; with comments by
John Graves & music from Tish Hinojosa

10:45am James Rice

11am Writing From Your Roots
Moderator: Jane Thomas; Kimberly Willis Holt, Jeanette Ingold, Diane Stanley

11:30am The Craft of Fiction
Moderator: Jim Magnuson; Rudolfo Anaya, Debra Monroe, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Mary Willis Walker

11:30am In Search of Bob Wills: The Roots of Western Swing
Moderator: Dick Holland; Jean A. Boyd, Duncan McLean, Rosetta Wills

11:45am Raiders of the Lost Archives: How Historians Do Their Jobs
Moderator: Don Carleton; Edward T.
Cotham Jr., T.R. Fehrenbach, Paula Mitchell Marks, John Miller Morris

12pm Picture This!
Moderator: Anne Bustard; Jo Harper,
C. Anne Scott, Jeanette Winter

12pm Rabid! The Life & Times of Austin's Mad Dogs
Moderator: Jan Reid; Gary Cartwright,
Jay Dunston Milner, Bud Shrake

12:15pm Stanley Crouch

12:30pm Writing What You Know: Mining Real Life for Fiction
Moderator: Marion Winik; Kinky Friedman, Christopher Reich, David Wilkinson

12:30pm Westerns Ho! The Frontier in Fiction
Moderator: Mike Cox; Elmer Kelton,
Preston Lewis

12:30pm Funny Bones
Moderator: Betty Carter; Jack Gantos,
Louis Sachar

12:45pm On the Edge: Speculative Fiction
Moderator: Neal Barrett Jr.; Margaret Ball, Bradley Denton, Elizabeth Moon, William Browning Spencer

1pm Picturing Big Bend
Moderator: Ron Tyler; Kenneth Ragsdale, D. Gentry Steele, Bill Wright

1pm Revisiting the Orphan Train
Moderator: Jim Magnuson; Joan Lowery, Nixon & Orphan Train children Helen Davis and Mary Maresh

1pm David Halberstam

1:30pm Celluloid Pages: The Art of Turning Books Into Film
Moderator: Stephen Harrigan; John J. Nance, Lynda Obst, Kim Wozencraft, Lawrence Wright

1:30pm Time Travelers: Historical Novelists at Work
Moderator: Elizabeth Crook; Tracy Daugherty, Tina Juárez, Joan Stocks Nobles, Janice Woods Windle

1:45pm C. W. Smith

2pm Elaine Scott

2pm Joe Lansdale

2pm Michael Beschloss

2pm Authors & Illustrators
Moderator: Keith Swigger; Geronimo Garcia & Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Jane Scoggins Bauld & Gary Laronde

2:30pm A Woman's Touch: The Legacy of Women in Texas History
Moderator: Sarah Bird; Ann Fears Crawford, Crystal Sasse Ragsdale, Mary Ramos

2:30pm First Person: Why I Wrote a Memoir
Moderator: Tom Grimes; Gary Cartwright, Stanley E. Ely, Laura Furman,
Abraham Verghese

2:45pm A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words: Photo Books
Moderator: Julianne Newton; Bill Hanson, Wyman Meinzer, D. J. Stout

2:45pm Janice VanCleave

2:45pm Case of the Recurring Character
Bill Crider, Deborah Crombie, Carole Nelson Douglas, Tim Hemlin, Dean James

3pm Fiction for All Ages
Moderator: Hollis Lowery-Moore; Brian Floca, Joan Lowery Nixon, Ruth Pennebaker

3pm Frank McCourt

3:30pm Kentecloth
Jas. Mardis & special guests


11am Abraham Verghese

11am Kid's Tales
Moderator: Julie Todaro; Jan Peck, Anastasia Suen

11:15am Sandra Scofield

11:15am Stirring Prose
Deborah Douglas; special guests Robert & Jean Flynn, Jay Brandon

11:30am Going to Extremes: Life on the Fringes of American Culture
Moderator: John Burnett; Mike Cox, Kerry Noble, Dick J. Reavis, Doug Rossinow

11:30am Jack Gantos

12pm Genaro Gonzalez

12pm Minding the Muse: Poets on Their Inspiration
Moderator: Lorenzo Thomas; Cyrus Cassells, Edward Hirsch, Leslie Ullman

12pm Noteworthy: Texans Talk Music
Moderator: Joe Nick Patoski; Bill Crawford, Rod Kennedy, Margaret Moser

12pm Picture Biographies
Moderator: Melissa Eder; Diane Stanley, Terry Widener

12:15pm The Franchise: The Glory Days of Sports Illustrated
Moderator: Robert Draper; Michael MacCambridge, George Plimpton, Bud Shrake

12:30pm Robert Dallek

12:45pm Bobby Byrd

1pm Rudolfo Anaya
Emcee: Irma Flores-Manges

1pm The National Sport of Texas: Our Fascination With Football
Moderator: TBA; Ty Cashion, Michael Hurd

1:15pm Books of a Lifetime: Biographers & Their Subjects
Moderator: John Taliaferro; H. W. Brands, David Coffey, Don E. Carleton, Ben Procter

1:15pm Three Roads to the Alamo
William C. Davis

1:45pm Bailey White

1:45pm James Hynes

1:45pm Jane Scoggins Bauld

2pm Getting the Facts
Emcee: Barbara Immroth; Elaine Scott

2pm A Novel Experience: My First Book of Fiction
Moderator: Carol Dawson; LaVerne Harrell Clark, Joan Faye Cuccio, Joseph Skibell, Manuel Luis Martinez

2pm Mike Blakely

2:15pm George Plimpton

2:15pm How We Kill People for Fun & Profit
Jay Brandon, Jan Grape, Sharon Kahn, Alana Martin, Rick Riordan, Tom Zigal

2:30pm Angela Shelf Medearis

2:30pm ¡Floricante Si! Latina Poetry
Bryce Milligan, guest poets

3pm That's My Opinion & You're Welcome to It: The Art of the Essay
Moderator: Gregory Curtis; Stanley Crouch, Don Graham, Marion Winik

3pm Cowboy Culture
Moderator: Shirley Luckinbill; Judy Alter,
M. Jean Greenlaw

3pm All Kinds of Lovin' Goin' On: The Many Facets of Romance
Moderator: Peggy Moreland; Victoria Chancellor, Elisabeth Fairchild, Lorraine Heath, Margie Rose Walker

3:30pm The Life & Afterlife of John Wesley Hardin
Moderator: Stephen L. Hardin; Jack Jackson, Leon C. Metz

4pm Texas Bound
Tom Doyal, Kinky Friedman, Carolyn Osborn

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