John Leach

Best Badass Way to Deter Grackles

Winged Victory

Pigeons are called rats with wings, but few people take their presence personally. Even in large numbers it's not hard to see them as a pack of feral toddlers, tottering and innocent. On the other hand, one look in a grackle's cold eyes and it's clear they would happily peck your eyes out for that french fry. Walking around like miniature velociraptors, they overrun parking lots and outdoor eating areas. Who ya gonna call? Steve Oleson will bring his birds of prey under the cover of night and give those grackles the scare of their lives, strongly encouraging a change of roosting locale. Thanks to Oleson's hawks and falcon you can park without fear of a poop paint job or eat without those black winged thieves snagging your nachos.

Winged Victory LLC

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