Best Creativity Unleashers

Theatre Action Project/Creative Action

Children may not have to be taught to be creative – they're pretty much hardwired to turn sticks into swords and carry on extensive conversations between dolls – but when their creativity gets locked away inside a dungeon of grownup rules and attitudes, they need someone with a key to set it free. In Central Texas, no agency has done that for more kids and done it more successfully than Creative Action. Formerly Theater Action Project (TAP), Creative Action has been able to, well, tap that natural spring of creativity to help kis develop emotionally, socially, and academically. As the organization's grown, it's moved beyond drama to include dance, music, visual art, film, and other media. But what won't change are the principles that the organization has employed in reaching tens of thousands of young people and that led the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities to name it one of the 50 top arts education organizations in the nation.

Creative Action
2921 E. 17th, Bldg. B, 512/442-8773