South Paws screen shot

Best Retired Plumber With Some Claims to Fame

Jake Perry

Jake Perry is a true Austin legend: The retired longtime plumber has taken care of more sink clogs that any one person should ever have to see; he's lived in the same South Austin home for more than 50 years; he's been the proud papa to numerous cats – including the world's oldest living cat, 38-year-old Creme Puff, as codified in the Guinness World Records book. He's also got a great mane of hair – a long ponytail that he keeps wrapped under his ball cap; a far better head of hair, we might add, than does his cousin, Rick Perry. Yes, that Rick Perry. Unlike his cousin, perhaps, Jake is well-known and well-liked around Austin – as well as across the country. Jake's exceptional care of numerous cats who have found their way to his doorstep has earned the 80-year-old love and recognition from animal lovers and others: Indeed, Jake Perry still receives royalties for "work" done by several of his deceased felines, all of which he donates to animal welfare causes.