Best ... Urp, Grrush, Uhhhh, Pfffffttt

'Drunk Dial'

Pssssst. Hey. Heeeeeyyyyyyeee. Is it drunk and you're late? I mean, are you drunk? Need someone to talk to? Call 481-BONE, and ladies of the night Jodi and Emily will be there for you, sugar tits. This brassy, besotted duo's taken a love of the bottle and the gift of gab from the bar stool to the Web, offering afterhours advice on sex, love, and assorted bodily functions during their Thursday call-in show/podcast. They slur truth to power (with the help of Jameson) and offer a cock-eyed view of the lush life that could only come from Austin. Call them; they're waaaaiiting.

Drunk Dial

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