Best Graphic Designer

Merrick Brown

And you thought he was just a DJ. Like Clark Kent, Peter Parker, and, um, that guy who spins vinyl at night but does something else that no one knows about during the day (no, not Keoki), Brown has something of a secret identity that we'd like to expose, heh, heh. In his positions as graphic and Web designer extraordinaire, he's utterly mastered the art – and it is an art, make no mistake – of creating some of the most arresting and successful visual imagery in Austin. When he's not repairing broken beats and baking your booty in the fiery kiln of combustively creative Technics techniquery, Brown is busy dropping graphical science for clients, ranging from Advanced Micro Devices to Zales Jewelers, with a clean, fluid, futuristic style that owes no small debt to his revered years in Austin's DJ community. And, of course, there's still no one in town who can make you shake it like Mr. Brown.

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