Best Drunken Bar Game (Where One Is Allowed to Throw Sharp Things)


Meeting people in bars is almost always shady. Conversations inspired by alcohol and cigs rarely get past the tedious "What do you do, where are you from, are you allergic to cat hair," etc. The beauty of darts is that it offers an "out." Playing darts can shift the glaring focus from those first uncomfortable interactions, or simply create a diversion should you find yourself amidst a group you don't care for. Commonplace within the hidden depths of pubs and dive bars, dartboards seem to be experiencing a renaissance, popping up all over Austin. Our faves are at the Crown & Anchor, the Showdown, the Gingerman, and the Dog & Duck Pub. Free entertainment is the best kind, so if you have a dead eye for bull's-eyes or are playing with people who like to bet (or, better yet, are more drunk than you), you won't even have to buy your own beer. Plus, if you're a girl and some nasty dude is being a jackass, you can just claim to have really bad aim. Just some pleasant dart spots.

Crown & Anchor Pub
2911 San Jacinto, 512/322-9168

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