Best Journalist

TIE: Molly Ivins, John Kelso

Chronicle readers like their reporters funny and downhome – at least if downhome is South Austin, where these two local icons have hung their respective quills lo, these many years. Molly spills most of her ink puncturing Republican pretensions to populism, while Kelso is an equal-opportunity offender – except when it comes to Aggies and Sooners. Lately, the ascension of "Shrub" to the White House – yup, Ivins invented the nom de Bush – has made Molly the National Authority on Bad Ideas in Government, tried first in Texas and found not to work. As for Kelso, one of these years the Horns might actually beat Oklahoma, and he will have to be polite for a week – the game just might not be worth the candle.

Molly Ivins

John Kelso