Best Austin Celebrity You'd Most Like To See Nude

Sandra Bullock

Gosh. This is a tough one. We had hoped our readers, in true Chronicle fashion, would come up with someone we could really dish on in this brand new category. But Sandy? How can we write something smart-alecky about a gal who once said, "I fell in love with Austin. I've gone there to build my home. My roots. I'm building a home there with family in mind, children, and grandchildren." (InStyle Magazine, May, 1998) Matthew McConaughey got votes, lots of em. But everyone could already envision the Bongo Thing. Sandy's ex-boyfriend, that local musician Bob, got votes, but no one came close to Sandy. What to write? We went back to a most perfect description that esteemed former colleague Sarah Hepola wrote last year on a press junket for Sandy's 28 Days: "Sandra Bullock is better-looking in person than onscreen. ... In person [she] is just simply disarming - the sparkling eyes, the natural, gaping grin, the feathery lashes, the gently cleft chin, the perfect Roman nose. Her slightly husky voice speaks in earnest, open-faced monologues that often collide with a girlish, insistent giggle. She likes to giggle." (Swoooooon.) Okay, you're right. We get it now. We want to see her naked, too.


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