Best Place For Class Clowns To Figure Out If They Want To Be Or Not To Be

Zachary Scott Theatre Performing Arts School

Your kid's got energy to burn. He's a little strange, able to channel entire episodes of The Simpsons. Suddenly, he's breaking out into showtunes and reciting his own cryptic sixth-grade version of Shakespeare. Raging talent? A budding impresario? Maybe. Maybe not. But it doesn't hurt to explore the options. Or maybe your little guy's a little shy - loves to sing and tell jokes, but only in front of stuffed animals. Perhaps your daughter dresses up in mommy's heels one day and does drag as one of the Backstreet Boys - complete with hairbrush microphone, soccer shirt, and eyebrow-penciled facial hair - the next. Zach Scott will seem like home to all of these types of kids, and even to all the "normal" ones, as well. Zach provides the perfect combination of relaxed atmosphere and professional edge to entice your young Branagh or Brando or Bullock(!) out into the spotlight. They encourage kids to develop skills appropriate to their own abilities, and never forget the bottom line: fun. The play's the thing, and whether it's serious drama, comedy, or dance, Zachary Scott Theatre Performing Arts School makes theatre fun for kids, all kids.

Topfer Theatre at Zach
202 S. Lamar, 512/476-0541

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