Best Stand-up Comic

Brently Heilbron

It's the end of an era. At some point in every king's reign, a bold youth must step forward, challenge the king, and usurp his power so that the kingdom remains vital and alive. Alas, young Brently Heilbron has wrested the scepter of Austin's Best Comic from Kerry Awn. Heilbron is one of the most prolific and inventive comics anywhere. His work with Monks' Night Out and Only Ninety Percent Effective have earned critical acclaim, and his shows Wondrous Pudding of Joy and Bucket of Shins have created a cult following in Austin. Heilbron recently performed at the HBO Workspace in Hollywood, so his star is on the rise. You can generally find Brently at the Velveeta Room of a weekend, riffing wildly on anything from the decline of DJ Jazzy Jeff to the resurgence of Colonel Sanders. Congrats, fair prince!

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