Best Diner Decor Redux

Jim's Restaurant

When we bolt outta the sack with the shakes and a bad hankerin' for a 3am tortilla soup fix, it steadies our nerves to remember that Jim has what we need. Jim is Our Man. We'll turn you on to him. He can set you up. This popular Texas chain diner can take care of your vittle cravings 24 hours a day. Our favorite location in Austin is the very angular Jim's on 183. So when we heard that they were closing for "renovations" this summer, we freaked. Would they dare sacrifice the gleaming silver fixtures, the bright blue chairs, and the electric orange walls? Would they flatten the roof?! Will it lose its fabulously cheesy late-Sixties, Brady Bunch charm? The voices taunted us in our sleep. We awoke in July, relieved to learn that, while updated and modified a bit to suit these stylish Nineties, Jim's still has a stainless-steel heart. The redesign is more service-friendly (to keep the waitstaff sane) and a bit more calm - more conducive to soothing during those 3am soup crises.

Jim's Restaurant
9091 Research, 512/837-1119
7101 Hwy. 71 W., 512/288-2408
12832 Research, 512/250-9881

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