Best Mindtrip

Space Channel/ACAC Ch. 10

We can't pretend that we really know what's going on when we watch Space Channel, but we are sure that it's not bad for us. Beth Clare and OVA, a "a group of teachers of Pleiades" channel we're not sure who... but it's probably someone dead. The first time we stumbled across this program, we were mesmerized. Clare looms in front of a keyed-in backdrop of the Eagle Nebula with her eyes shut tight and words tumbling out of her mouth. She speaks in an odd meter, almost with the accent of a Southern Hemispherian about things like fear, remote viewing (?), depression, being human, and hallucinogenic plants. (Heeeeyyyyyy, this is starting to make sense!) At first we thought she might be South African because of how she would put heavy stresses on the first syllables of certain words. Then we thought Australian or New Zealander. But an ACAC staffer assures us she's all-American, and says, "Now, don't quote me, but I think she's making all that stuff up." Hmmmmmm. Tune in... same Space Time, same Space Channel!

Cable Channel 10, Fridays, 10pm; ACAC, 478-8600

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