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Best Cinnamon Roll & Best Proof Of A Supreme Being & Best Bread That Eats Like A Meal

Upper Crust Bakery Cinnamon Rolls & Ricotta Herb Bread

The eating of an Upper Crust cinnamon roll is an art form that can take all morning. Oh, the intrepid, go-getters among us might take the bite-right-in method and achieve a heady commingling of textures for their boldness. But those of us who like to linger in heaven will savor the crisp and sugary crust first, slowly uncoiling this magnificent spiral, bit by sweet and succulent bit. Each divinely cinnamony, increasingly tender bite gets us closer to that moist and toothsome center, until the last soft morsel is gone. If only these rolls weren't so generous and filling, if only we had more time."God leaves them at the door every morning," swears a friend. If they weren't divine, you'd think eating one a sin. And at $1.10 a throw, not even J.R. "Bob" Dobbs can offer salvation so cheaply.Some breads really need a partner. The best can stand alone. The Upper Crust's Ricotta Herb Bread is one of the best. Full of real herb flakes and a nicely baked layer of cheese on the crust with a taste and texture that are a perfect match for a crispy salad or a fresh tomato sauce, this bread is substantial enough to nourish you and your closest friend, even though it may not give you all of your RDAs.

Upper Crust Bakery
4508 Burnet Rd., 512/467-0102

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