Best Dr. Seussian Mix-Master Interchange

Lakehills 4

One day, making tracks/In the prairie of Austax/Came North-South Going Traffax/And East-West Going Traffax.//The East-West Going Traffax puffed its chest up with pride./"We never," it said, "take a step to one side."/"Well, we live by a rule," yelled the North-South Going Traffax/"that we learned back in North-South Going School./Never budge! That's our rule. Never budge in the least!/Not an inch to the west! Not an inch to the east!/We'll stay here, not budging! We can and we will/If it makes us and all of Austax stand still!"//Well.../Of course Austax didn't stand still. Austax grew./In a couple of years, the new highway came through/And they built it right over that Lakehills Cinemax/And left the Traffax standing, un-budge in their tracks.

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